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  1. Super interesting, Denise. I am adding a few things that you do to my daily/weekly/quarterly/yearly planning. And I love that you have a data analyst! That is seriously smart. I know it’s super important if you want to grow your business but I get glassy eyed after looking at those numbers for 2 minutes. Good to look those over with an expert!

  2. Really great video Denise. May have to print this list off and see what is worth implementing. I love being organised and this is super organised. Really helpful, thanks!

  3. Hey Denise,

    Another awesome post – thank you! I’ve just started a new tracking spreadsheet where I’ve put my income/expenses, social media stats, website stats and your abundance tracker all in different tabs… gonna save me a lot of time just updating one document! And hopefully all the arrows moving in the right direction over time will be majorly satisfying! Hope you are enjoying your time off Xxx

  4. Hi Denise, so inspiring and love the idea of tracking numbers daily (regularly) – Im on track to implement this task in my week but never thought of tracking daily – so cool to keep you on goal and purpose. Thank you xx

  5. Hi Denise – What a great post! As a business owner, it is great to see what other people do to keep the engines running smoothly. So many people don’t get the help they need as they start to grow. Congrats that you did! I am guilty of not tracking my income and expenses as closely as I should. One of my projects is getting them into a spreadsheet with a monthly review so I can take charge of that area of my business – a pretty important area!

    Thanks again!

    • Great question!

      I write out about three major points for each video and have them on my computer. Then I record the video in one take and get it transcribed.

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