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Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – How I Make My Blog Videos (Behind the Scenes)

how-to-make-a-video-blogSet the stage.

I recently had a live event in London and I got one of those big exhibition banners made and you can see it just behind me. So that’s what I’m doing as a backdrop for now for all of my videos, but I use to just do it in my office where I had a picture behind me, and some shelves and some nice kind of flowers and things like that.

It really doesn’t matter what your backdrop is, but I think it’s really good when you make it consistent and people can see that.

What I use.

How I actually do my videos is I do it on my computer. I actually use Photobooth which is just one of the in-built applications on an iMac. And I just talk straight into my camera up here and you can see some of the examples that I’ve done recently. So I’ll just hit record and I’ll try and do it in one take.

Now, here’s the thing: I don’t always do it in one take.

Sometimes it takes me heaps and heaps of goes, but I always start again because I want my videographer to get it in one file and that takes practice. And you can hear my voice is a little bit croaky, it’s because I did ten videos over the last two days, this is the eleventh, and I really like to batch them because I get in the mood and I can just hit record and do the next video.

Teleprompter or notes?

People ask me if I use a teleprompter, which I don’t, but I’ll have just a Word file open on my computer screen, and I’ll just put in maybe the top four points that I’ll talk about so I can kind of glance at it every now and again. People don’t really notice, but it really just keeps you on track to have those three or four points handy.

Change it up.

Then the other thing that I do in-between videos sometimes I just change my necklace or I change my top, and I love to say that I’ve got a beautiful wardrobe set up with all those things, but the truth is they often live on the floor. This is such a pro video, I love it. And I have all my necklaces sitting on my desk, ready and waiting for me to change.

I’ve got something else as well, I’ve got some fake hair! So sometimes I want to change up how my video looks so I quickly put on some fake hair and then change my earrings, change my top, and suddenly I’ve got a new video!


So I used to just talk straight into my computer, now I use two, three different microphones actually depending on which one I can find at any one time. So I often use my Yeti microphone, which, it’s pretty good, but then I have this lapel mic (here’s the link to buy it) – it’s pretty inexpensive and it gets plugged straight into the back of my computer. It definitely makes the sound better.

But the other option which I learned from my friend Jodie Jelas who has some really great video tips—way more pro than this crappy video—is just to use your Apple headset. So it’s got a microphone built-in, and you can either just put them in your ears and have the microphone dangling or you can just clip that bit of microphone to your clothes and that works as a really good microphone as well, pretty inexpensive and really easy to find.

That’s pretty much it and if you’re wondering what to do next, I’ve already done a blog post about what happens to the videos after I do them, they go into a folder, they get transcribed, and they go to the blog, my assistant organizes all of that, but I just wanted to take you behind the scenes because it’s really random.

I mean it’s just me and my office, my office is very, very messy, I’ve got a great backdrop but really it’s about sitting down and doing those videos even when things aren’t perfect.

What happens next? Here is the process we use to go from video to post: How to Create A Lot of Content for Your Blog

Remember perfection is not the goal in business.

People really just want to hear from you, they want to hear your message and actually sometimes people love seeing the kind of crappy, ugly, stuff behind the scenes because it makes you really relate-able. And it shows that they can do it as well.

You can totally do this.

So if you want probably more professional tips about how to make your business make a lot more money, and have a lot more fun, come over to and I’ll hook you up.

Have a great day, bye.

Denise Duffield-Thomas | Lucky Bitch

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  1. Loved this! As someone who has spent years wrestling with Screenflow (or, as I have renamed it Screenslow), cameras, lighting and goodness knows what else, I adored the simplicity of your approach.
    And yes, fake hair. Works every time.

  2. Here’s my pile of shirts right here on the floor!

    Thank you so much for the behind the scenes. Of course doing a batch makes waaaay more sense than doing one once a week. Can’t believe I never thought of that!

  3. Love this! Perfect timing because I’m gearing up to launch a video series that’s been rolling around in my head for ages. Reassuring to know that I don’t need to wait until my office magically transforms into a pro studio –

    When I’ve done videos and webinars before, my must-have on my desk was a bit of pressed powder, so I can de-shine between takes. That, and a glass of ice water so I still sound fresh on take 23145. 😉

  4. love this Denise and totally shared with everyone I know. As I have always procrastinated with video by finding a million and one ways to make my setup perfect – I didn’t do it for the first 2 years in business. I finally threw in the towel in January and said to myself that it’s now or never. Then I woke up the next morning and totally came up with a bit of a ‘hack’ for doing a quick (and inexpensive) backdrop setup which includes a vinyl table cloth of all things lol. Cheers to done is better than perfect!

  5. Total awesomeness as always, Denise! Thank you for your transparency and making us all feel like we can totally do this too.

    You mentioned that you might be able to share some links for the microphones you mentioned… would it be possible to do that as I’m looking to purchase one for a new eCourse I’m recording and would love your recommendations…

    Thanks! 🙂 x

  6. Hi Denise
    Your videos always make me smile (actually I’m a transcript reader type!)
    Today it was the fake hair and changing earrings.
    Awesome authenticity and telling it how it is. Applaud you. 🙂
    So many marketers give the impression that everything is perfect when we all know
    that’s impossible and most of us our creating freedom from our messy (or tidy) home offices around the world.

  7. Thanks so much for this one Denise! I watched it on a lazy morning, stressing about a video I had to shoot. I was struggling to find a good place for that. When I saw that you are using PhotoBooth I tried it immediately, and also iMovie, and it was sooo good. I realized that the lighting at MY HOUSE is way better than the lighting at any studio at that specific time of the day. Aaand, today I have my video all shot and edited, with great light, absolutely no travel time (which averaged 4 hours to get to a studio in İstanbul) and… it’s DONE! Yay 🙂
    And I got to stay at home and play with my 2.5-year-old son before and after the shoot 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this tips. You are amazing. I have been wanting to do videos for a while now but felt overwhelmed. I did have a question about where you recommend I can you find a videographer to help editing of videos ? Bloopers are fun but happy to save them for another day.

  9. Thanks for the insights Denise! I’m looking at getting a banner made now, was wondering if you had a size suggestion for the width so it covers the whole screen?

    Thanks so much!

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