Struggling to earn more money?

Dealing with money blocks?

Hit a new income plateau?

Good news.

Making money doesn't need to be so hard

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp is the game-changing online course and community that everyone is talking about.


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If you have unresolved money blocks,
these symptoms might sound familiar...

  • You often procrastinate income producing activities in your business
  • You feel massive resistance around having money conversations with potential clients
  • Your bank balance doesn’t reflect the work you put into your business
  • You can't see how you can double your income without working twice as hard
  • You feel guilty spending money on yourself.
  • You have a great business or idea, but don't make enough money from it in return
  • You chronically undercharge and over-deliver. (Or even worse – doing work for free and feeling all kinds of resentful about it.)
  • You're living in a permanent cycle of ‘feast or famine’ (and ever feeling like it's enough)
  • You have a HUGE desire for more, but frustration that it's not coming quick enough.

Business strategies are great, but without the right mindset, it's always going to feel hard.


The most successful entrepreneurs prioritize money mindset as an ESSENTIAL part of their business activities.


The truth is - nobody has taught us how to feel good about money

Money mindset work is essential for all entrepreneurs, but especially if...

  • You want to earn money by sharing your gifts and talents with the world (even if you’re still stuck in your corporate cubicle)
  • You want to contribute more money to your household (and set your family up for the future)
  • You have to ask others for money (whether it’s asking your clients for payment, your boss for a raise, or anything in between)
  • You feel like your income has plateaued, or that you have no control over what you earn.
  • You suspect that you sabotage yourself when it comes to money. (Maybe you randomly manifest a speeding ticket or a big dental bill just when you're getting ahead.)
  • You struggle to set your own prices – whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, coach, consultant, whatever. (This is an area where SO MANY women keep themselves playing small.)

If any of these apply to you,
you need this program.

So many brilliant, creative, heart-centered women have a deep-seated belief that real wealth and abundance just isn’t for them…

Recognize any of these thoughts...?

  • I'm just not good with money
  • I'm not from a rich family, I'm not meant to be rich
  • I’m not smart / pretty /educated enough to be rich.
  • I think I’ve just reached the limit of my earning potential.
  • Money just isn’t that important to me, I just want to help people.
  • I have a good life, I should just be happy with that..
  • I should be earning more, but I’m afraid it would cost too much (in terms of my health, family or relationships).

I used to struggle with finances too - because I didn't believe I deserved to make more


Even though I was creative, smart and ambitious, I just couldn’t get any of my entrepreneurial efforts off the ground.

Because I felt bad for charging people!

I was fabulous at manifesting stuff, but not money. I even won a huge blogging competition to travel around the world for six months PAID, but I couldn't hold on to actual CASH in the bank.

Even when my business started taking off, the money I made wasn't in line with the effort I was putting in.

It was super frustrating, and I was constantly worried that my life-coaching clients would find out the truth about my life (the tiny apartment, the shitty car, the second-hand clothes) and think that I was a fraud.

It was all a bit embarrassing, really – especially since I was an “abundance junkie” who read every personal development book under the sun!

And that was the other thing – I was working on myself ALL THE TIME. I walked on fire at Tony Robbins. I had a life coach. And I had the best fricking dream boards stuck all over my house.

The whole situation had me absolutely stumped for ages,  until I finally figured out why…

You can be amazing at manifesting "stuff" but SUCK at making money


No matter how hard you try,
no matter how much self-improvement you do,
and no matter how great you are at manifesting,

until you deal with your money fears and hidden beliefs

You’ll never have the kind of abundance
(or business success)
that you dream about.


The Bootcamp is designed to reprogram your money mindset and revolutionize your ability to attract abundance


You’ll learn a step-by-step formula that’ll help you…

  • Raise your prices and have the courage to offer VIP and premium priced offerings
  • Strengthen your money boundaries
  • Release decades of old family money stories
  • Ditch that awful feeling of being overworked and underpaid
  • Allow yourself to "profit" in every way from your talents

And (finally) earn what you know you deserve…


With 3000 other Lucky Bees – you’ll follow a proven system for releasing your money blocks forever.

jenn-scalia About 3 months into the Bootcamp, I manifested my first five figure month!

At month's end I had manifested $12,600! It was amazing and it became a new normal for me. I never made less than five figures a month since then.

Jenn Scalia | Business Strategist |

Thanks to the Bootcamp I learn to allow abundance in my life!  I was able to double my income in the first month after the Bootcamp and really gained the confidence to follow my own big dreams and bring them into reality!

Eos Koch | Brand expert |

The community of Lucky Bitches is POWERFUL. The support you get around the content, and the energy of the community is so amazing. You can go for support, you can go for accountability, and you have a place to go to celebrate without judgement.

Stacey Harris | Social Media Trainer |

I manifested the money to start my second business in the course of just 4 days (£1000). Never would have believed it was possible before the Bootcamp!

Helen Duggan-Taylor | Writer and Jewellery Business Owner


This stuff *really* works! It's priceless.

I love the community. Money can be such a taboo, and it's great to be in a space where you can freely discuss financial stuff without judgement and with total support.

Elisabeth Elektra | Healer & Musician |

testimonial-image-2Since joining the Bootcamp my life has been completely transformed. I am happy to say that I have more money in the bank than I have ever had and have increased my income considerably BUT it is the overall changes in my life that I am most excited about.

Melissa Zammit | Energy Healer |

Julie-SantiagoThe videos and content is SO doable. It's not too much. It's not too little. It only takes anywhere 5-15 minutes each day and you can always do more. But it made me feel AWESOME because I could keep up and wasn't overwhelmed.

Julie Santiago | Spiritual Mentor & Happiness Coach |

It takes a lot to undo years of programming to change your fundamental beliefs about money


And unfortunately, when you’ve got these kinds of beliefs embedded in your brain, no amount of talent, ambition, or ‘positive thinking’ is going to make a difference.

Seriously, you can read every self-help book under the sun and say affirmations 'til the cows come home (and let me tell you, I did BOTH those things) and you’re STILL not going to make any money because your blocks are so deeply engrained…

thoughts like ...

You have to work hard to earn money.
Only the rich get richer
You can’t be rich and be a good person.
Money messes up relationships.
Rich people are greedy assholes.
You can’t be rich and be spiritual.

When I truly, deeply worked on my money blocks...

I was gobsmacked to realize that on a deep-down level, I didn’t think I deserved money.

Despite all my self-improvement, a deep-down part of me believed that wealth was for ‘other people’.

That I just wasn’t ‘meant’ to have money. That I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, and didn’t have-my-shit-together enough to experience the kind of abundance I had plastered all over my dream board.


Deep down, I worried that I wasn't ...

Smart enough

Skinny enough

Pretty enough

Educated enough

... to be truly rich

When you have money blocks - it's one step forward, two steps back


Even though I could manifest like a mofo, I had some seriously negative programming around money. It was hardwired into my head and it was stopping me from earning or holding onto money. Which meant that despite desperately wanting more of it, I was actually REPELLING money away from me.


But you know what? Looking at my clients, my friends, and so many of the women around me, I knew I wasn’t alone in this struggle…


So, what's the answer?

You have to reprogram your mind with a new way of thinking about money

And you don't have to do it alone

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp is an online course and vibrant community that will show you step-by-step how to master the art of manifestation and money mindset transformation.

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

It’s designed to help you break the life-long patterns (that you might not even be aware of) which are blocking you from experiencing true wealth and abundance, and will help you form new habits and beliefs that will have you drawing in abundance – and actual CASH.

Since 2012, we've improved Bootcamp every year until we have a straightforward, actionable, repeatable formula.

Becoming truly rich isn't about buying more "stuff"

Being a Lucky Bitch is about consciously creating your own kind of abundance
– the things (both big and small) that make you feel awesome.

In the Bootcamp, we focus on upgrading things in your life that help you step into your version of a First Class Life.

For example - you'll give yourself permission to receive abundance like:

A fully booked out client roster

International Travel

A house by the beach

A cleaner every week

A personal trainer
Mani-pedis, massages & blow-dries

First-class plane tickets
Being a leader in your industry
Having a nanny or babysitter
Eating at fancy restaurants
Ordering every single book on your Amazon wish list
Owning gorgeous clothes

Doing work you love
A five, six or seven figure business. Or, like, Oprah income.

Living debt-free

Give yourself permission to profit from
your skills and talents

and step into your calling
as a wealthy woman

Creating success entirely on your own terms


What kind of women are part of the community?

Check out these Lucky Bees...

Michelle built her dream business in only 4 months.
Holly had her best ever month, month after month after month!
Maria is much more positive, and manifesting like a mofo
Lisa moved to Spain and is living her dream.
Phoebe learned to let go of her old money stories and forgive her mistakes.
Jen's whole perception of money has shifted.
Tina's relationships with family members and her business life has improved.
Quigley paid off $40k of debt and had the courage to start her own business!
Sage tripled her income in only a year.
Melissa is totally okay raising her prices & asking for the money now
Theresa broke through her old money stories from her childhood.
Tash earned $10k in 10 Days!
Kylie is no longer afraid of money.
Nathalie beat her bootcamp goal by several thousand $$$!
Jenn manifested $12,600 in just one month.

Why is community so important?

Connecting and masterminding with likeminded women is essential to upgrade your beliefs and truly cement what you’ve learned. This exclusive, members-only Facebook group is your very own 24-hour resource for everything money, manifestation and mindset.

And let it be said: this group is truly special. It’s filled with big-hearted, supportive women, all keen to celebrate the wins, troubleshoot the tricky spots, and share the journey.

It’s my absolute favorite place to hang out online, but don’t just take my word for it…

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Lina-Sandén“The thing that have meant so much to me is the how supportive everyone is - you can have bad days AND awesome days here. It's ok to come here for advice when you feel shitty and ok to "brag" about your small and big wins. It's OK to have big big fantastic goals, that other people might think be a bit... out there.

And you get friends all over the world!”

– Lina Sandén, Freelance Singer,


Money-Bootcamp-Review-Clare-Fielder“It’s a rare and precious gem. The Facebook community group is a safe place to discuss money without judgment. It’s like a continuous online book club.

You can share your views, thoughts and learnings on one particular element of the course or you can retake the course again and again, sharing new insights. The members of the group are different. Different motivations. Different journeys. Different circumstances. But everyone is united in wanting to improve their lives.”

– Clare Fielder,


Money-Bootcamp-review-Soozi-Baggs“I love this group! The women are supportive, inspiring, and full of wisdom. We talk about money blocks, sure, but we also talk about blocks with work or business, and I even got some great relationship advice too! Denise is active and involved - commenting on our threads and sharing her own blocks too.”

– Soozi Baggs,


This private mastermind group is an incredibly valuable part of Bootcamp, and you’ll never pay ongoing membership fees

What kind of industries and professions should join Bootcamp?


 Why I'm so proud of our community

  • Genuine support and sister-hood
  • A not-competitive, non-bitchy environment
  • Respect for each other's differences, goals and desires
  • Humble mentality - we're all learning
  • Rich discussions and vulnerability
  • Generosity of sharing what works

Close to 3000 women and growing every day...

We’ve had graduates double, triple, and quadruple their income. We’ve had single mothers earn more than enough to support their families, business owners triple their prices (and book-out their client rosters), and more women that I can count figure out how to (finally) leave their corporate jobs and earn a kick-ass income doing what they love.

Dream houses have been bought, holidays have been had, and abundance has been achieved on a level that you almost wouldn’t believe if you were not a part of our vibrant, supportive community…

We’re talking about ordinary women, just like you, many of whom have had the most insane, persistent money blocks for their entire lives.

But this system has allowed them to revolutionize their money mindset, turn their fortunes around and finally experience true wealth.

Women from all around the world have joined Bootcamp to get genuinely rich… with life-changing results

We’re talking about ordinary women, just like you, many of whom have had the most insane, persistent money blocks for their entire lives.

But this system has allowed them to revolutionize their money mindset, turn their fortunes around and finally experience true wealth.

And now it's your turn


And what about for established entrepreneurs already earning great money? Will I still learn anything new?

Hell yes, lady!

This course is perfect for all those money-blocks that are specific to business owners and entrepreneurs – even if you’re already successful.

The truth is, no matter how fantastic your product or service is, unless you’ve mastered your money mindset, your business is never going to bring in the kind of income you’ve been craving.

Even when things have been going well, there are those frustrating upper limit issues and income plateaus that have a nasty habit of cropping up (the glass ceiling is real in the entrepreneurial world too!). When these hurdles inevitably hit, having the right tools in place is essential to dissolve the block and break through quickly to the next level of success.

In fact, upgrading your money mindset is the FASTEST way to go from struggling to successful in your business. Better yet, unlike some biz strategies (that can take months – or even years – to pay off), when you upgrade your beliefs around money, you’ll start seeing results immediately.

Like, in your very next sales call or discovery session

Unless you’re a circus animal, you should not be working for peanuts.

Now you don’t have to…

As you upgrade your money mindset, you’ll learn the best strategies for how to position yourself as a premium provider, how to know what to charge, how to raise your prices, how to attract more clients, how to ditch the awful cycle of over-delivering and undercharging, and much, much more.

I beat my goal by several thousand!

“Denise is a true gem: she’s able to take all of the money mindset and manifestation theories that you might have heard before but dismissed because they weren’t for you… and turn them into quick exercises that can fit in any busy schedule, and that makes a world of difference.

Denise’s Lucky Bitch book and Money Bootcamp have changed the way I interact with money in my life. Her teachings are practical and simple to take action on, and they create massive results. And fun!

During the Bootcamp I set a big money goal and surpassed it by several thousand dollars! The biggest benefit for me beyond manifesting more money into my life and business was the concept of upgrading your life.

I feel like I’ve truly stepped into my first class life, and will continue to do so because of Denise’s incredible teachings. I’ve also been able to let go of so much old stuff around money that was holding me back, and I feel like I’m truly a lucky bitch, every day of the week. ”

Nathalie Lussier | Digital Strategist |

I recouped my investment within one day of joining the Bootcamp

“Before joining the Money Bootcamp I was stuck… I’d hit an income plateau and no matter how much effort I put into marketing, I couldn’t seem to move forward from that point.

It wasn’t until I discovered that I actually had a whole stack of money blocks (I suspected perhaps I had one or two) and worked on clearing them that I moved past that income ceiling.

I was hesitant the Bootcamp was going to be some sort of ‘woo woo’ program with no results, just a lot of meditating and willing the Universe to send you the dosh.

How wrong was I.

I recouped my investment within one day, once I’d implemented what Denise teaches. She not only provides us with great guidance, but usable tools {spreadsheets, checklists etc} to get this stuff done.

This led to an increase in sales of $3,500 within one month. I loved the Bootcamp – if you’re looking for enlightenment and clarity around your relationship with money, this is the place for you.”

Jane Hinchey | Online Small Biz Coach |

This is the most powerful and transformational program about money I have ever done!

“The content was mind-altering and uber effective. The private community was so freakin’ engaged and genuinely supportive. And Denise, as always, was a powerhouse of tough love + intuitive guidance every step of the way.

Thanks to Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, my relationship with money has had a major makeover, all from the inside-out, which has freed me from the money hangups I had that kept me stuck in the same place. On a physical level, I walked away from this program with the money to upgrade (not just replace) my car and enrol in a year long $10K coaching certification program I’ve been dreaming of doing for the past two years.

When it comes to money (and happiness) it really is a byproduct of doing the inner work so you can truly free yourself from your own limitations and illusions”

Susana Frioni | Yoga Teacher & Life Coach |

This isn't your average money mindset course


Before you join a money course...

Plenty of online peeps claim to teach the ins and outs of ‘making over’ your money mindset. But unfortunately, most of their programs haven’t really been proven, or they have no tangible results (and very few testimonials), or the teacher themselves is actually broke. (You’d be surprised how often that happens!)

This Bootcamp is, like, the OPPOSITE of that.

Not only is the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp based on a money-making formula that actually works, I’ve put it into practice in my own life with amazing success (and have the booming business and bank balance to prove it).

Even more importantly, I’ve literally walked THOUSANDS of other women step-by-step through this exact process – from struggling single moms right through to already-successful entrepreneurs – and helped them become genuine money magnets in their own lives.

Here's what you should look for in a course:

  • A mentor with good money habits and low drama behind the scenes
  • A leader who is walking their talk
  • A supportive community (that doesn't fizzle out when the course is over)
  • The right mix of energy and ambition so you feel stretched and inspired to go to the next level
  • Ongoing support and inspiration for when you need it most

In short, this is the real deal…


If you love the momentum of joining other women manifesting big things...


If you need the accountability
of a big group challenge...


If you want my help and support
(I'm not hireable in any other way)...


If you've been looking for an "excuse"
to join the Bootcamp

Now is the perfect time!


About your host: Denise Duffield-Thomas

I'm here to role model being a self-made millionaire with a chilled, easy, fun and abundant life

denise-duffiled-thomas-lucky-bitch-01After working with tens of thousands of women around the world and growing my own million dollar company, I KNOW what works when it comes to money and mindset.

Nothing lights my fire more than helping women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control of their finances so that they can transform their economy-class mindset into a First Class life.

Plus – (and this is important), my life is DRAMA-FREE around money. I don’t secretly have piles of debt. I’m not rich one day, poor the next. I walk my talk around money.

I try to role model a chilled out, First Class life, not the frantic "hustle" energy or "get rich quick" mentality. 

I retired my husband last year so he can help me behind the scenes of our million dollar company.

As your money mentor, I lead from the middle. I'm walking this path with you. 

I created the Money Bootcamp in 2012, and I'm not going anywhere. We'll be doing this work together for the rest of our lives.


Wife & mama


Money mentor


Author & blogger

Oprah and Denise Duffield-Thomas

Self-made millionaire


What's in the program?

How does The Money Bootcamp work?

_how_does_the_lucky_bitch_bootcamp_work__ipadWhen you sign up, you get instant access to the entire program – all six modules, plus all the tools and bonuses – so you can get started on changing your life immediately.

Everything is available as a digital download, so no matter where you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

The modules can all be comfortably completed within six weeks, although – of course – you can go through everything at your own pace. (Hell, you can totally binge-watch everything at once if you want!).

I’ve also specifically designed the materials to make it as easy as possible to dip back in whenever you need a refresher or a top-up or want to reach a new money goal.

Plus, you’ll also become a part of our exclusive Lucky Bitch Online Mastermind group, a game-changing community of women that’s going to help you fast-track your results like nothing else …

Click to expand



Before you can pave the way for genuine abundance, you’ve got to clear out the crap and start with a clean slate. In this first module, you’ll dive headfirst into the essentials that will set you up for success: divine decluttering, permanent forgiveness, and emotional clearing (including how to give up your family legacy around money – no matter how messy it is!).



When it comes to money, we’re all unique in the way we sabotage ourselves and hold ourselves back. Until you hone in on exactly what your own particular brand of mindset mayhem is, you’ll never be able to reprogram your thoughts and move forward.

That’s why in this module, we’ll be getting up close and personal with your individual belief system, and zeroing in on how and where you’re stuck. Then we’ll be identifying the best tools for clearing your ‘stuff’ gently and permanently. This is a skill set that will change your future forever (and that can be whipped out again and again for any hiccups you encounter along the way.)



This is where we start dialing up our understanding of the law of attraction and calling in the wealth you’re truly craving.

To start calling in your own version of abundance with laser precision, you’ve got to get crystal clear on what you want – both right now, as well as in the future. In this module, you’ll be identifying and acknowledging those deep-down desires (some of which are guaranteed to take you by surprise) and creating your very own money plan (an essential component of becoming a powerful money-manifestor).



It’s not enough just to think about your goals and try to wish them into existence (no matter what The Secret says!). The truth is, you’ve got to actually take action if you want to see results.

This is known as the art of inspired transformation, and it’s where the Lucky Bitch money-making formula starts to get really exciting. It’s all about punching holes in time and space to start drawing in abundance and wealth like never before. You’ll learn how to get the whole Universe on your side and conspiring in your favor.

Better yet, you’ll learn how to make it happen NOW (not at some mythical point in the far-off future).



There are so many different levels when it comes to your relationship with money, and unless you address them all, you’re destined to a future of setbacks, stumbling blocks, and ongoing struggle.

A major reason why this formula is so successful is that it’s not afraid to venture to the dark side to help you see who and what you’re allowing to hold you back. (Way too many Law of Attraction teachings completely gloss over this process, but it’s key to creating permanent, sustainable change in your mindset and making everything move a whole lot faster.)

Plus, there are a heap of super-useful bonuses focused on that trickiest (and ickiest) of stumbling blocks – dealing with other people’s money crap.



Ever had that feeling of learning something new, but it not really being embedded in your mental wiring yet? In this final module, it’s time to ensure that all your newfound strategies and beliefs become second nature as soon as possible, so that your manifesting becomes virtually effortless and you can create a ‘new norm’ when it comes to money.

We’ll be anchoring in everything you’ve learned with one easy exercise that will help you assimilate your new skills and strategies and keep moving forward to the next level. Then it’s a simple matter of ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ anytime you reach another income plateau or want to hit a new money goal.

How is The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp delivered?

  • Highly-practical and motivating videos for each module, to walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to put in place to become a money magnet
  • MP3s of all the videos (so that you can listen and learn while you’re on the go)
  • PDF transcripts of everything, in case you’re the kinda lady who prefers reading
  • Clear, step-by-step exercises and worksheets (because there’s nothing more frustrating than wishy-washy advice that doesn’t show you EXACTLY how to implement what you’ve learned)
  • More than 6 hours of recorded Q&A sessions, so that you can hear real women get their burning questions answered and workshopped
  • Membership in our ground-breaking online Mastermind community (absolutely KEY if you want to experience results and reach your money potential)
  • Inspiring bonus videos, must-read books + resource lists to keep you pumped about reaching the next level
  • PLUS so much more…

Bootcamp v4

Everything you need to become a real-life magnet for money

You get instant access to all of these amazing tools and resources as soon as you sign up.

Which means that you could be mere minutes away from kick-starting your journey to abundance and earning more money than you ever have before…


Click for more info

Bonus #1.
The Lucky Bitch Manifesting Course

The Lucky Bitch Manifesting course will walk you through my EXACT process for manifesting a goal quickly and easily through simple, everyday actions. (Remember how I manifested a $500k all-expenses paid trip around the world? THIS is how I did it!)

This 5-part audio course contains more than 10 hours of recordings and includes handy quizzes, checklists, handouts and cheat sheets.

You’ll discover all my juiciest, most effective manifesting secrets and learn how to apply them to every area of your life (including your career, love life, health and money) so that you can get the Universe working on your behalf and delivering on your greatest desires.

Includes bonus meditations: How to Heal Your Inner Child, Cutting Energetic Cords, How to Love and Forgive Your Body, The Future You visualization and the Ideal Day meditation.

(Value: $297. Yours FREE.)

Bonus #2.
Advanced Pricing Course

Not sure what to charge or how to justify price increases to your clients? Wondering how to charge premium prices without including your first-born child in the bonuses?

I’ve got you sorted with this exclusive 2-part pricing workshop jam-packed full of ideas on how to bring in fast cash with VIP days, premium client experiences and more.

(Value: $197, Yours FREE)

Bonus #3.
Money Meditations Audio

Get your hands on my Lucky Bitch Subliminal Money Mantras MP3, featuring powerful affirmations to help you attract even more prosperity and wealth into your life.

This special 1 hour and 11 minute audio is infused with 1111 special money mantras, all embedded below the peaceful sounds of the ocean, so that your subconscious mind can soak up the goodness and effortlessly reframe your beliefs.

(Value: $29. Yours FREE.)

Bonus #4.
The Lucky Bitch Audio Book Library

Grab both copies of my book in audio format, so that you can listen and learn while on the go. These audios aren’t available ANYWHERE else – they are exclusively for my Lucky Bees (because I love you guys!).

PS, On that note, you should know that I love giving you all sorts of other goodies – including things I haven't even released yet! Basically, when you become a Lucky Bee, you’re instantly part of the tribe and are treated like a total VIP. (Seriously, I treat my members like GOLD.)

(Value: $58. Yours FREE.)

Bonus #5.
Lucky Bitch Live Events

Immerse yourself in video and audio recordings of my most recent live events (the next best thing to being in the room). Perfect for when you need an extra hit of Lucky Bee inspiration, you’ll love the recordings of ‘7 Ways to Increase Your Abundance Now’ and the ‘Money Masterclass’. These sessions are guaranteed to pump up your motivation and load you up with heaps of new insights for your money transformation.

(Value: $297. Yours FREE)

These Lucky Bees love it

“In the Bootcamp we worked through my money mindset, my lack mentality, my money awareness, and we got me aligned so money and I now bat for the same team.

I am officially a money magnet and loving it."

Elizabeth McKenzie | Marketing & Life Coach


“As soon as I joined, I wrote down that I would make an addition $1000 that month and on the day I wrote it down I received a call from a client that she was ready to book - my fee for the project $997, add the free coffee I received earlier in the day and boom! $1,000!"

Desiree Wolfe | Marketing Mentor |

“The community forum and the mindset shifts are the best.

These will last a lifetime. I'm making upgrades in EVERY area of my life.

Just having the permission to do it has been nothing short of life changing.

Alison Lumbatis |
Personal Stylist |

“I loved the setup of the course; it made it really easy to navigate and watch the videos. I also loved watching and learning from Denise on video.

Steph Russell | Online Business & Marketing Strategist

“Life is amazing. I have traveled to Sydney, Bali, and Paris this year and my business is FINALLY booming. I've made more money in half a year than all of last year!

Minling Chuang | Brand Strategist & Coach

“Life is now pretty fucking amazing! I've got an book about to go live and an online course launching. I'm about to have my biggest income month and I'm loving life!

Tina Hay | Marketing Director |

When you sign up today you’re getting… 


Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

Complete access to the program, including all modules, videos, transcripts, resources, bonuses and future upgrades

Worth $1,497


Membership in our private online forum

24/7 support and friendship. This is also the only group support I offer in any of my programs.

Priceless: No ongoing membership fees


Advanced Manifesting Audio Course

Go deeper into the practical aspects of manifesting with this 6-part audio course, full of my best Law of Attraction hacks.

Worth: $297


Advanced Pricing Course

Helps you charge premium prices and make fast cash through creating VIP and advanced offerings. Worth it's weight in GOLD!

Worth: $197


Meditations library

Subliminal money meditation, guided visualizations, inner healing, cord cutting, idea day manifesting audio and more.

Worth: $97


Audio & ebook versions of my best-selling books

Get the spoken audio versions of "Lucky Bitch" and "Get Rich, Lucky Bitch" (which cannot be purchased separately) & pdfs.

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Lucky Bitch Tour Collection

High quality video and audio recordings of 3 workshops, including an advanced "Business & Money Mindset" event.

Worth: $297


That’s thousands in value
all for one payment:

Money Bootcamp: $1497

But even more importantly than the incredible value in the program itself, if you take action and implement these strategies, they’re going to help you attract so much abundance – not just now, but in the years to come. This is going to change the way you attract wealth and make money for the rest of your life.

(In terms of ROI, it’s kind of off the charts…)

Put your mind at rest with my Money Back Guarantee

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp
is a 100% risk-free investment.

With so many of our graduates experiencing such incredible results, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work, and that they have the power to transform your income – and your life. And I want you to feel really freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future.

That’s why I offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If, after two months in the program, you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your complete enrolment fee – no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes.

That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

With this kind of guarantee on the table, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. There’s literally nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

Give me just 6 weeks to makeover your money mindset…

Your life – and your income – will never be the same.


Here's your invitation to our life-changing community

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I was tired of hustling for money and now I don't have to anymore!

“When I first started in business, I thought that the two exhaustibles were time and money - but I now know that my number one most precious resource is my own energy. I used to spend a whole lotta my precious energy out there hustling and getting absolutely nowhere because I had such BLOCKS to success, to earning money doing something that I love and that old chestnut of "you have to work hard to make good money.

Being personally mentored by Denise and taking part in the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp means I am so much more aware of my own money patterns. I charge what I am worth, I am no longer afraid of money (quite the opposite - we're having a love affair!!) and I have gone from earning $12,000 in my first year of business to regularly signing way more than that in a single day.

If you are tired of hustling, of working too hard for your money or you’re an entrepreneur and you just can’t make it past a certain income set-point, this course is bloody gold!”

– Kylie Patchett | Holistic Health, Business & Mindset Coach |

“The Bootcamp community is wonderful - it inspires me in so many ways. There is so much knowledge here that is shared so generously and in a such a positive uplifting way.

Having been part of other forums for the last few years, I found many of them a bit draining and negative. I needed to get out and find more positive environments and I could not have found a better place - there is such amazing support not only on a business level but on a personal level. I also love that Denise is so actively involved.

The upgrades have made such a difference to my mindset and I am really starting to see the benefits now that I'm shifting my money blocks and learning how to manifest. I even manifested the money I needed to sign up for B-School this year - which I could not have done without this Bootcamp.

Siobhan Murphy | Photographer

“Within the first week of doing Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, the manifestations began. She teaches simple + powerful tools that will take you from struggling – to being on the receiving end of abundance.

This chick is teaches you how to become a money magnet in a no BS kinda way. I can honestly say she was the catalyst for some major changes in my life.

This is the first ‘intangible’ personal development course that I have completed, which has ACTUALLY delivered tangible, ‘count those dollars’ results. Get ready for the flood gates to open when you work with Denise!

Monique Alamedine | Identity Branding & Online Marketing Strategist |

“When I joined the Bootcamp I honestly couldn't see how I could earn six figures in my business and I was stuck in overwhelm and a job I hated.

Towards the end of the program I was sitting in a cafe and my road map for a six-figure business appeared in front of my eyes!

I have since quit my job and have a multiple six figure business working from home and earning passive income whilst I prepare for my new baby to arrive!

Denise’s course helps you to move past your blocks around money, let go of the fear and just go out and do amazing things. There is a lot of ACTION in this course which really pushed me forward and I am so grateful.

If you’re feeling a connection with this course but are sitting on the fence, do it, be open to it, and just allow yourself to grow and expand with it!

Kathryn Hocking | Passive Income Strategist |

“I love the simplicity of the Bootcamp, along with the supportive nature of others in the community. I’ve made some fabulous friends who I would never have encountered had it not been for the Bootcamp. And some are turning into true friends who challenge me and help me keep on track with my goals.  I couldn’t have expected my life to turn around the way it has. I’m very excited now for what the future holds – there is no holding me back!

Zoe Richards | Photographer, Writer & Business Coach |

“I love that the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp community is a safe space to talk about money and own my shit.

It's very humbling and affirming because I'm no better or less of a human being for what I have and don't have. It's inspiring to witness others upgrade their lives. It keeps me centered as I do the same because there's no judgement about why or how I chose to live.

It's such a loving and giving group of women. I literally peek in when I'm busy but want to raise my vibrational energy. The vulnerability and love that overflows hits me in the right spot every time.

Chandra Scott | Business Coach |

“My biggest block was believing I could actually make money from my skills. I'd been a Mum at home for so long and thought that my husband would be the sole money earner in our house.

I started my new website business in April last year, spoke at a WordCamp conference in the US in June, I manifested a free ticket and attended World Domination Summit in Portland in July as a guest of Chris Guillebeau and had my biggest earning month by August - over $7500 in one month!

Helena Denley | WordPress Website Consultant & Coach |

Basically, if you want to experience more ease and flow around money ... THIS IS FOR YOU

An exact roadmap to create YOUR version of an abundant, first-class life – whatever that happens to mean to you.


A repeatable formula to create rock-solid results and bring in serious money (that you can put into practice whenever you want to hit a new income goal).


The skills and know-how to ditch the self-sabotage FOR GOOD, so that you actually get to enjoy all the money you’re attracting (and not just have it slip through your fingers).


Newfound confidence as a business owner – so you can get rid of the overwhelm and the pain-in-the-ass clients, and create an abundant freedom-based lifestyle instead.


Strategies, scripts and – most importantly of all – the courage to raise your prices IMMEDIATELY, so you can start earning more in your business than ever before.


A precise process for breaking through your money blocks and attracting whatever the hell you want.


A new money legacy. You’ll have dealt with and dissolved any money-related muck from your past, and replaced it with mental programming that not only serves you, but that primes you for success. (This is the kind of legacy you’ll want to pass on to your kids.)


The ability to bust through income plateaus whenever they arise (‘cos hey, even millionaires have to do work to get to the next level!).


A framework for dealing with different money philosophies (whether with your friends, your family, or your partner) so that you can maintain harmonious relationships while your wealth skyrockets


Permission to FINALLY let yourself be truly rich and experience the life you desire


My proven method for manifesting money quickly, without going into panic or overdrive. (This is pretty much worth the cost of the course alone, and you can repeat it whenever you need to – over and over again.)

Not to mention, every single time you go through the program (which you can do as often as you like), you’ll be increasing your income and attracting more money.


Life time access yo!

You got questions,
we got answers

I can’t afford this right now…should I join?

Here’s the thing: you have to invest in yourself first in order to see results. This principle applies to everything, whether it’s time, energy, effort, or – you guessed it – money. Investing in yourself sends a powerful message, both to your subconscious and to the Universe, that you’re serious about upgrading your life.

And besides, get real with me for a minute: how many personal development books and courses have you enrolled in over the years? Some might have been worth it, but I’m betting the majority weren’t. Rather than continuing to take the scattergun approach to improving your life, it makes way more sense to buy a one-off, proven program that is specifically designed to help you follow through and create change.

(And not to be harsh, but if you’ve been stuck in the ‘feast and famine’ cycle – when is it going to stop? What are you going to do differently today to change your future?)

But shouldn’t I just know this stuff?

That seems logical, right? But it’s actually not the case. Many, many smart, entrepreneurial and creative women get stuck being truly wealthy. The truth is, nobody is born knowing how to make truckloads of money, so unless you’ve actively worked to learn the skills and mindset stuff, then it’s highly likely you’re operating from programming instilled in you by other people (like your parents, your teachers, and society at large – most of whom were never taught this stuff themselves). And the crappy part is, all of that pre-existing programming is telling you one thing: it’s NOT okay to be rich. (Can you see the cycle at play here?!)

The only sure-fire way to break the pattern is to get deliberate and specific about clearing out the past and replacing your old-school mindset with an upgraded ‘operating system’ of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Can’t I just figure this stuff out myself?

Maybe. But the thing is, you’d be wasting hundreds of hours (not to mention years of potential growth and expansion) trying to figure things out. I’ve never understood why so many people would rather take this ‘trial and error’ approach instead of simply making a comparatively small, upfront investment that allows them to get things right the first time and start seeing results quickly.

You don’t need to struggle to figure things out – it’s not a prerequisite to wealth or success. In fact, nobody wins when you choose to battle it out on your own – you’re wasting your own time and energy, and the Universe is being deprived of your gifts that could be put to better use elsewhere. But when you accept the help of those who’ve already walked the road before you (and who’ve mapped out a proven path to success) everybody wins.

Talking about money scares the crap out of me…

I get it, I really do. I know what it’s like to get completely stressed out every time you check your bank balance. I know what it’s like to worry when you have a bill and somebody’s birthday in the same week. And I know what it feels like to avoid the letterbox at all costs because you’re terrified of what you might find there.

It’s no exaggeration to say that ‘head in the sand’ is a popular choice for a lot of women when it comes to money. It scares us to talk and think about it, so we just… don’t.

One of the very first things we do in this course is a complete assessment of where you’re at with your life and how that reflects in your income. And do you know what? SO many of our Lucky Bitches say that even before they’d made any other shifts at all, simply getting crystal clear about where they’re at released a whole lot of stress and worry… Before they’d even done anything about it!

Money is one of those things – the longer you ignore it, the scarier it gets in your head. But if you could just look at it clearly for a minute, you’d see it’s really not that scary at all… and there’s so much you can do to upgrade and uplevel your situation when you know how.

And let it be said: if you ever want your money situation to actually get better, you need to look at all this stuff square in the face. It’s literally the only way that you can create the change you want so badly…

How does an online course work?

As soon as your payment is processed, within minutes you’ll receive an email with your own personal login details for our private members’ site. You can then log in to the site and access all the modules – which include videos, audios, worksheets, interviews, and a whole heap of other useful bonuses. (And heads up, I’m always adding new stuff in here.)

You can stream the audios and videos from the site, or download them to your computer, and they’re yours to keep forever.

Because this is a self-study course, you can go through the content at your own pace, but you’ll also get an email from me each week for six weeks to keep you motivated and on track. (Accountability is everything!)

I’m in a HUGE amount of debt… should I do this program?

No. Let me be crystal clear: this program is NOT for people who are in DIRE financial straights – like, who are about to lose their house or are in HUGE amounts of consumer debt and are desperate for a way out. This is not a QUICK FIX program. Please don’t do this if it means your children won’t get fed. Deal with that first (with professional help).

If your debt is manageable and you feel like a mindset shift would help with manifesting more money, then by all means join us. Many Lucky Bees have gotten out of debt by upgrading their mindset but just to be clear, I’m not a debt counselor.

Will you be giving me investment advice?

Nope – this program is not an investment seminar, nor am I a finance professional. (My professional background is in marketing and consulting, and I have a business degree). I also can’t guarantee income or debt reduction, and I’m not a magic bullet solution to your money issues (I don’t have any magical powers at all, unfortunately – except amazing hair).

However, while I won’t be telling you how to spend or invest your money, I will be giving your soul permission to earn more… and quickly. From my experience – as well as the thousands of women who’ve been through the program – it’s this kind of powerful inner work that brings about the outer results you’ve been itching for (and in the swiftest way possible too).

I’ve already read your book… Do I need to bother with the course?

Yes. In a very real sense this program is a system for success, which means it’s on a whole ‘nother playing field than the books…

For starters, my books are an ‘entry level’ primer on the law of attraction and becoming a money magnet. You can learn a LOT from them (and I’m super proud of them and the transformation they offer my readers), but here’s the thing: if you’re like 99.9% of people, you read the book, enjoyed it in the moment, then shoved it to the back of your shelf as soon as you were done – never actually taking action or internalizing the information.

What’s different – and so exciting – about this program is that it’s specifically designed to help you IMPLEMENT the steps you need in order to see results. Yes, we go way deeper on the topics, and yes we cover a hell of a lot more than the books, but the most valuable part of this program is actually the way the content and the community will keep you on track and walk you through every single step you need to experiencing actual, real-life results.

I’m a mama… Is this program still appropriate for me?

Yes! For starters, the fact that you get all the content at once means you can go through it at your own pace (nap-time by nap-time, as the case may be!), so YOU are in complete control.

Secondly, motherhood is a time where we often find ourselves re-evaluating what’s important in our lives and making big transitions and changes. This program is PERFECT for helping you figure out what’s important to you when it comes to money, how to factor your family into your decisions, how to get rid of any blocks that have been holding you back, and how to start attracting abundance immediately.

You’ll also learn brilliant ways to talk to your kids about money, so that you can teach them how to naturally and organically become mini-magnets for abundance from the get-go, and set them up for a lifetime of success.

Can I do your program for free? Do you offer scholarships?

No, honeybunch. Have you ever noticed that when you yourself don’t pay for things, you attract a lot of clients who also don’t want to pay you?

We don’t offer scholarships or free places because we want to empower you to invest in yourself, to really value the training, and to learn to have a healthy giving-and-receiving relationship with money. And because ‘walking the talk’ is so important when it comes to manifesting what you want, we’re proud to role model these money boundaries when it comes to this course.

Is this program tax deductible?

Many Lucky Bees deduct the cost of this course as part of their self-education and business training expenses. Please double check with your accountant.

What kind of results can I expect?

That’s completely up to you, sweet cheeks. While I’d like to tell you that the minute you enroll, a million bucks will magically land in your bank account and all your abundance issues will be over forever, that’s simply not true. (In fact, if anyone ever tells you that, you should back away from them and get the hell outta there!)

What I CAN tell you is that this program is jam-packed with tonnes of incredible tools, techniques and insights that have helped me and thousands of other Lucky B’s create genuine, real-life abundance. If you just watch a few of the vids and read a few of the worksheets, you’ll have learned a lot (and will be able to up the ante on your manifestation straight away) but you likely won’t experience the truly radical shifts you’re chasing.

HOWEVER, if you’re prepared to seriously dig in, do the inner work, and take action on everything you’ve learned… Well, the sky’s the limit, and the results will blow your mind.

How quickly will I see results?

Again, that’s completely up to you. The great thing about this program is that if you’re serious about putting it into action, you’ll start seeing results straight away.

We’ve had graduates have their first ever five-figure month within weeks of finishing the program. We’ve got Lucky Bitches who’ve cracked six figures of annual income within their first year of graduating. And we’ve had women increase their business revenue by up to 900% within 12 months of finishing the materials. (Yep, 900%.)

It’s also important to note that you’ll start seeing the smaller, more incremental results even sooner. You’ll find yourself approaching everyday events and incidents completely differently – and with a completely different outcome. From things like sales calls, discovery sessions, and client work through to shopping, relationships and speaking your truth, you’ll notice tangible results right from the get-go.


“Connecting with Denise’s work, first through her books and then in the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, was a pivotal influence in turning my money story from “woe is me” to “wow is me!”

I had a lifetime of under-earning and under-employment chasing me around. I’m one smart cookie, yet my bank account never seemed to reflect the value I was bringing to the world. I now have a successful business and am no longer afraid to pursue my business dreams, financial and otherwise. Yippee!

It’s so easy to get stuck in your story of “that’s just the way it is for me”. But it’s simply not the “way it is”. Not for me and not for you!

Through my work in the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, I excavated my sh*tty money story and exposed it to the light of day. I did the work and everything shifted. From powerless to powerful. My relationship with money is one of gratitude and patience. I now know my earning potential is controlled exclusively by me. If I do the work, the money shows up. It’s that simple.

Plus, when you do the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp you have the benefit of a mighty-fine group of women who get your struggles *and* your ambition. Why go it alone?

If you are thinking of signing up for the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, do it! It will turbocharge your success — and that means money, honey! ”

Victoria Prozan | Brand Experience Consultant |


“When I first came across Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Money Bootcamp I was a bit worried that it would be too “woo” for me (cue image of cross-legged manifestation/meditation + burning incense!).

But what attracted me to Denise's stuff was her down to earth “no BS” approach, and I knew that if I wanted to take my biz to the next level I would need to work on my money mindset. I am sooooo glad it did the Money Bootcamp!

Errrrr… I should really say it am DOING the Money Bootcamp. Because I am learning that this is stuff that is never really done. The month after I first joined the Bootcamp I had my first ever $10,000 month. That was freaking awesome.

But then I realized that if I wanted every month to be a $10,000 month, or if I wanted a $10,000 week or a $10,000 day, I was going to have to keep working on my money blocks.

And that is why I love the Bootcamp so much: you can keep working through your stuff again and again. And because of the amazing support network, and because Denise is always there keeping it real with her own stories and experiences, you never feel like you are some kind of loser when you don’t have it all figured out.

It is awesome being surrounded by women who get it, and who push you to reach higher.

This has definitely been one of the best investments I have made in myself, and in my biz. ”

Karen Gunton |


“My biggest blocks were my own limiting beliefs - there was sooooo much hidden away in my past when it came to money.

I had no hesitation joining the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. I had read Lucky Bitch and it just spoke to me! And I had seen a lot of Denise's previous work and was really confident that the program would deliver for me.

My biggest breakthrough was understanding upper limits and how we subconsciously sabotage ourselves. I was really good at getting in my own way - mostly through inaction.

I have so many manifestation stories from the Bootcamp - the biggest has definitely been earning $10k in 10 days.

I set it as a challenge to myself and it worked! I ended up making the $10k in 12 days and it REALLY showed me that the universe rewards action.

So I did it again! And this time I manifested the $10k in SIX days!!!

It's so practical and you can do it over and over. Every time I re-do the Bootcamp, or do a new 10-day challenge, I uncover and address new things.

It's fabulous. After just six months of working for myself I now have a very successful business, I am making more money than when I was a high-paid consultant working for another organisation, and I can now help my partner do the same. He just resigned from his job too!

We are moving to the beach to upgrade our home, we have upgraded our car, and we've upgraded our relationship as well because we are both on the same page. My partner even said to me when we were looking for a new apartment "Do you think we should Lucky Bitch ourselves a great place?" - and we did! ”

Tash Corbin | Business Consultant for Creatives |


“The Bootcamp and the amazing support within the group helped me on so many levels! I had women really boost me on and encourage me.

I was scared to admit I had money issues and still have them  I was scared others will take it from me, especially if I become really flashy about it. It was a good aha though because I realised why I kept spending it and giving it away.

I also realised that what seems expensive to me is not necessarily the case for someone else – money is very much a perception.

When I was reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, I was actually on holiday and was running an affiliate program campaign for that week. I had sent out a few emails and automated messages, so wasn’t expecting a huge amount. I manifested $600 in sales for the week and made $650! I was super excited as I wasn’t even at work that week!

I love the video content and Denise’s approach to it all – very light and simple! None of that spiritual, mumbo stuff! I also love the community of women and the audio downloads.

It is an added boost for my walk each day to listen to chats about money and how to price things, I am launching my new course in a few days and am actually really excited.

I was petrified of this moment a few months back! I have done heaps of EFT on it and am totally okay with asking for the money now!

I have every intention of putting the price up after the launch – as encouraged by so many in the group and can’t wait to make an actual income from my course! ”

Melissa Turner | Endometriosis Wellness Coach |

Here's what some of our graduates have to say about joining Money Bootcamp

Melanie Sorensen, Business Coach

Kathy Sheehan, Author

Erica Cosmisnky

Ronja Sakata, Happy Coach

Donna Hamer, Facebook Contest Specialist

Michelle Anita Wirta, The Soul Translator

Will YOU be our next success story?

Sazzu-HopeNow all of my clients are saying yes!

“I had emotional blocks I had regarding money that I completely avoided.

I had no hesitations joining the Bootcamp. I knew it was for me the moment I read Lucky Bitch. It was exactly what I needed and at the perfect time. I asked source to send me the money on a particular day so I could join the Bootcamp and the money showed up from a client a few days ahead of time!

My biggest aha was understanding that it's a consistent work that needs to be explored for the rest of your life, as you hit level after level.

I love the simplicity of the information. The content was really simple but super powerful to keep me busy listening and learning all week long as I addressed my money issues from different angles.

I feel like I am finally understanding money. My business is getting more aligned to who I really am every day. I am receiving clear messages from the universe and I am profiting from them consistently. I have had every client that has had a consultation with me say yes!

It's been quite a ride, and I can't wait to continue doing the work to reach new heights year after year! ”

Sazzu Hope | Body Transformation Expert |


Kate MuegelI've upgraded EVERYTHING in my life, not just my income

“I seemed to believe (very wrongly by the way) what a lot of creative people believe, and that is that you can't make good money doing a job you love. Especially a creative one. You have to make the choice. Feed your soul, or feed your bank account.

Couple this with the belief that you have to work very, very hard for a long time to make any real money (aka not until you're 40-50!). Yikes!

I thought people would think I was greedy, or shallow, or even just plain silly, and I had a lot of blocks there around thinking money (and more importantly wanting money) was a bad thing, and worse that it made me a bad person for wanting it. That when I say I want more money, what I really mean is I want more freedom.

I am not saying I want to be Scrooge McDuck sitting in a mansion never spending a cent and being mean to everyone. I just want the simple pleasures like a bill arriving and it not freaking me out, or to be able to walk into a store, and see something I like, and buy it without guilt. And even more than that, I want to be able to have enough time, freedom and money to be able to give back as well. And wanting all of this does not make me a bad person.

I love Denise and her no bullshit, no airy fairy attitude. And I also love the community. It's great when to hear about all the amazing things people are manifesting and also when you you sometimes need a bit of support, or reminding that I went back over my upgrade sheet not long ago, and since doing the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp not only has how much my business earns increased dramatically, but I have upgraded my house, my car, my office, and even my health. ”

Kate McKibbin | Managing Editor |


Clare-WildmanI hadn't realised I had such a poverty mentality...

“I'd become so used to not having my own money (money that I'd earnt) that I only felt justified in spending on 'us'. This meant I'd lost my own financial identity and my own confidence in handling money.

It seemed really strange to be spending money to make money and I really wasn't sure what the Bootcamp would deliver.

What has it delivered? Some great insights, life long availability so I can keep coming back to it when I feel the need to and a great community of like minded women to share and support.

I hadn't realised how much of a poverty mindset I'd gotten into. How little I spent on me unless I could justify it to myself as sustenance. I'm still working on manifesting the cash but the things are so much easier.”

Clare Wildman | Life Coach |


Kristin-Marie-RodriguezMy first five figure month!

“Since joining Denise's Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, I've increased my monthly income to earning over 4 figures each month. I earned my first 5k, a month after joining her program. I always use Denise's techniques as staple items for my manifesting tool box. I'm able to manifest Really Big desires with the material from her Bootcamp.

I also, absolutely love her Lucky Bee community. All the women in the group are very positive, high-vibrant, and supportive. We help to support one another in the community, but also receive inspiration from each other. It's great for connecting to like-minded sisters who have raised their glass ceiling to create, manifest, and have more abundance and money in their life. The support is wonderful. The women have inspired me in more ways than one, but also helped to push me out of my comfort zone to reach even more success.

Thank you Denise! ”

Kristin Marie Rodriguez | Intuitive + Spiritual Teacher |


Stephanie-DoddsI sold my house & paid off all my debt!

“During the 6 weeks of Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, I manifested an $800 scholarship to a personal growth worth shop in Maui, picked up 3 new clients for my business, and made $1,210 in unexpected income for the month.

Next, I asked that I sell my house within two weeks of putting it on the market. We got an offer three days later for $5,000 more than we asked for it! Now I am feeling great and fully embracing the abundant life that has been waiting for me to show up.

Even my boyfriend tonight said, “You have been making money in such strange ways, I can’t believe it.”

I said, “Believe it babe, I am one lucky bitch!”

Now that I sold my house, I paid off my debt, I have a better vision of what I want my life to be like, and I have $100,000 in the bank if I want to put a down payment on another house. I have decided that there is no reason I can’t create the exact life I want, so I am really going for it with my business. I am so excited to be focusing my time, love, and attention on what I care about. I am so stoked!”

Stephanie Dodds | Balanced and Blessed |


Vari-LongmuirI had my highest sales month ever!

“Blasting through my money blocks (which I never even knew I had!) in the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp has catapulted my business and life to the next level.

The month after Bootcamp, I recorded my BEST MONTH EVER – achieving my previous biggest sales week total by 11am on a Monday morning! I’m working less and making more. And who doesn’t want that!

You have empowered me to change my families financial destiny, Denise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Vari Longmuir | Branding & Graphic Design Expert |

My final invitation to you

Thousands of women have gone through this program, with incredible results.


Collectively, they’ve manifested crazy amounts of money and made massive upgrades to their lives.


So to be honest, it’s not a question of if this program works. (it does, and our graduates have proven that - thousands and thousands of times.)




It’s YOUR time and you’re ready for the next step…