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Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – Can You Teach Abundance Without Being Abundant Yet?

can you teach abundanceHey, it’s Denise here from Lucky Bitch and here is a juicy, maybe controversial, question for you:

Can you teach abundance if you’re not actually abundant yet?

Now, my answer might surprise you but let’s have a chat about this one because this is juicy, juicy.

Okay, so this question came about because one of my old clients who is telling me about someone else that she knows who teaches abundance but she said that actually she’s kind of broke herself.

It kind of brought up this awkward conversation because a lot of us want to teach and help people and all that kind of stuff but our lives aren’t perfect yet and it does hold us back from teaching what we know.

So, how do you get around this without feeling like a fraud?

Trust me, if you’re teaching something that you haven’t done yourself, you will feel like a fraud and it’s going to affect the amount of clients that you can attract. But, as I said, there is a way around this.

Look Back at Past Experiences

So, when I first started out, I was a generic life coach and I wasn’t really teaching that much about abundance. I was more talking about goal-setting and all that kind of stuff. And I felt quite good about that because that was something that, you know, I did know a lot about and I’ve always been a great goal-setter and I have achieved things in my life.

So when I did feel like a fraud, what I had to do in myself was really look back at all of my past accomplishments and feel really good about that and my past successes even though I hadn’t necessarily been around in business for that long.

So that’s the first thing I want you to do, even if you go into a completely new realm, look back at how all your old experiences and maybe some of your other successes, it could be in a completely unrelated field, how that can relate to what you’re currently teaching because trust me, everyone starts from scratch and if you waited until you are perfect at everything, you’d never move forward into a new business.

You can read about the beginning of my business here: My First Year in Business: Behind the Curtains and How Much I Made.

So that’s the first thing.

Teach What You Know

The second thing is that it’s really important to teach what you know. So, if you want to talk about money or abundance or wealth or whatever, you can’t start out talking about something you haven’t done.

So, I wouldn’t start teaching about a six-figure mindset if you haven’t yourself got to six figures but if it’s something that you do know, for example you know how to get your first client, how to go from zero to your first $1000 in your business, I would start there, teach people that because you will feel really good about it. You won’t feel like a fraud and you’ll actually be able to help people.

And then the good thing is, once you’ve taught that, I would say, you know, put it into an eBook, automate it, whatever, because when you get to six figures, you probably not going to remember the basics and there are lot of people who need to know how to do that, get their very first client, get their first three clients, make their first $1000 in business.

So, you know, you can teach that and then you can teach the next thing, maybe start to teach people, well, here is how to make $5000 a month in your business, here is how to, you know, and you keep on going and then finally you have your first $10,000 mark and then you can teach that.

Want more on creating abundance from what you know? I’ve got you covered here: Fastest Way to Create Abundance – Know Your Job

Be A Step Ahead

So you only need to be a step ahead of your students. Now, you might think well that’s like not very good. I want to be really far ahead. Well, let me tell you a bit of a secret, I know quite a few professors, I know people who teach for a living, maybe you know, at an educational institution, sometimes they don’t know the entire curriculum in advance. Sometimes they’re only a week ahead of their students of what they’re teaching.

So don’t worry about it, you can still feel like you’re helping people but you’re doing it in a way that is of in great integrity.

How do you stay one step ahead? Invest in Yourself + It Always Comes Back.

So, I want to hear from you.

What do you think that you could teach right now?

Something that you know very well, maybe it’s something that you’ve done quite recently, I just want you to list something out in the comments below because, you know, you’ve got something really valuable that you could share with the world and the sooner you do it, the more money will come back to you.

Remember, I serve, I deserve.

So if you want more inspiration about how to create a business that’s really fun and way more profitable, come over to because I’ve got a lot of freebie resources for you about how you can do that.

Have an abundant day. Bye!


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  1. This is a great one Denise and very timely….in fact it’s the second time I’ve heard the same thing this week….you only need to be a step ahead of whoever you are teaching….not miles ahead. Thanks! Cori

  2. Love this Denise! Funny, as I was thinking about this topic just last week and mulling it over with myself and with a good friend. I managed to focus on what makes me a great sharer of knowledge and I pulled up all my past experiences (a frigging teacher degree with distinction in final teaching practice!) etc etc! You have really hit the nail on the head with this one and it has been a massive confirmation for me! Also… it is like this whole blog post has been written for me as I wanted to run a short course on how to get your business to go from 0 tp £1000! But I felt like this wasn’t good enough… but after reading this I am really feeling inspired and empowered!!! Thanks x

  3. Great video, great thoughts. I want to pose another point – you don’t always need to have done EXACTLY what you’re teaching. For instance, I teach artists how to build their businesses. I’m a terrible artist, so I haven’t built an art business. But I have built a different business and I have experience in the world of artists and what struggles they go through. I know where they’re coming from, how they feel, and where they need to start. But because I also know higher-level business concepts, I can navigate them through the middle and later stages of building their business as well even though I haven’t done it myself (because, again, I’m not good with a paintbrush).

    And another example would be a weight-loss coach who has dropped from a size 10 to a size 6, but has never weighed 200 pounds. That doesn’t mean she can’t help someone who weighs 200 pounds or more to lose weight. Or what about the dance teacher who was never a prima ballerina. She can teach you how to get there based on her own experiences at the barre, but also because she knows what it’s supposed to look like from the outside. So while she can’t tell you how it feels to do a triple-pirouette, she can tell you that you won’t accomplish one if you tense your shoulders up too much or bend your standing knee. And that would help you accomplish your triple-pirouette and move toward becoming a prima ballerina – all without her having done it before.

    All this to say: sometimes you can teach what you know in an area you haven’t done before. Too many businesses are abandoned because someone felt like a fraud for never having been in that EXACT place even if they had been somewhere similar and knew how to navigate the pathway through perfectly well.

  4. It was actually Sandy Forster with her ISCA training videos who pointed this out to me, about only having to be one step ahead. It was that line that actually sealed the deal to sign up for her training.

    But honestly, I really struggled with breaking down the end vision of where I wanted to be, and where I was currently at, but the more I looked around the more I realised not many people were teaching the basics. And you’re so right, capture that information and create a digital product out of it before you forget!

  5. LOVE this post!

    You’re so right Denise – there’s always something you can teach others or help them with and focusing on that is what makes you an authority in your field, not trying to teach something you haven’t experienced yourself yet.

    x Marissa

  6. Loved this. I struggle with feeling like I have to be my own completed project before I can put my offer out into the world. I’m still pressing forward with my ability to teach others how to use visual art and painting for dream building, creating a strong desire, healing blocks and using daily creative action to manifest using the laws of attraction. I do have past experience that makes me qualified to teach this but it is a constant battle to recognize those past accomplishments instead of what I haven’t done yet. I totally found solace in the previous post about counting your ability in similar but different area and letting that be enough to get you started. Thanks for this blog post. As always, filled with good advice and inspiration grounded in reality.

  7. Totally agree with the belief you only need to be “one step ahead of your client” – you are still offering great value PLUS you’re still very much in touch with where they are at in their journey. It’s all about giving high value and helping them get results.

    Thanks Denise for bringing up what is a “real” issue for coaches.

  8. I love your focus on authenticity, Denise. At the same time, I feel like sometimes when the pull to teach something is there, it’s important to follow it despite feeling like a fraud, because it’s a call from the Universe and a reminder that you do have what it takes to teach that thing – or if you don’t feel like you do right now, you need to dig deep and find it.

    This is exactly what happened to me. I started teaching others how to be productive when I was still a mess (who am I kidding, I still am a mess! But a slightly more organized one, lol). But just teaching others put the pressure on me to experiment with my flexible productivity ideas because I didn’t want to be all talk and no action. And seeing the results my clients experienced motivated me even more to get my own shit together so I could really uplevel my coaching and help them reach even bigger heights. It all worked together, but to be perfectly honest I don’t think I would have been motivated enough to get my productive act together if I hadn’t had that pressure pushing me forward.

  9. Thanks Denise! This is just what I needed to read. I’ve not started because I can’t see the end of the road. How will I ever see the end if I never begin?!
    You also reminded me of authenticity. Being imperfect and unfinished (also called ever growing and organic!) allows others to be as well. We can make wonders happen despite our humanness right? So just because I’m not there yet, doesn’t mean I can’t help others along their path too …

  10. I love this post!!! The world of business is not like school where the goal is to get perfect A by regurgitating what the students were taught. I’m working very hard on letting go of being perfect and just get on with it and make a difference to as many women as possible.

  11. Blooming heck lady – I LOVE this! Totes agree, you can teach what you have lived through even if you are only one or two steps ahead and I believe when you tap into a vulnerability and connection and SHARE your own truth about what you are living through instead of “its all bright and shiny and unicorns and rainbows” BS out there, then you are building a community who KNOW you and therefore are the perfect MATCH for you…
    When I see the generic “work 3 days per week and make a bazillion dollars in just two months, its so easy to do” shite out there all I can think is “I feel so sorry for those coaches selling the dream co they will be attracting people looking for the magic pill”.
    I for one aint down with being ANYONE’s magic pill and it’s not a sustainable way to grow a biz when it’s built on a fabricated house of cards anyway.
    Love you work lady x K

    • Totally no magic pill. I listened to this guy recently who makes like $10m a year. He was teaching his method and it was basically Internet Marketing 202 – nothing ground breaking. It was just the basics over again with a few tweaks.


  12. Thank you Denise! This post felt like a warm lavender-scented hug 🙂 I help women and men find their feet as witches in the 21st century (not your typical vocation heehee)! At one stage I received a spate of emails asking about where or how to just start living like a modern witch. I have lots of articles on my site about it and used to send a top 10 list out for them to read but then I realised I should create a course to show them step by step along the way how to emerge from “here to there”. And this year in September I went live with it and it went so well! I’ve been implementing a lot of your techniques from your blog and the results have been clear, so I will confidently be joining your bootcamp really soon! Brightest Blessings*

  13. Even as a graduate teaching assistant in a complicated STEM field, I wasn’t too far ahead of the undergraduates I was teaching–and that’s the model universities worldwide follow!

    At this point in my own business, I love teaching others how to get their businesses online and just get *started*! Things can start taking on lives of their own, but only if you get yourself established at some fundamental level.

  14. Thank you so much for this video! I literally just asked myself this question 25 minutes before this ad popped on my Facebook feed, “I really want to help other women start strong businesses and follow their dreams, but I feel like if I haven’t had a successful million dollar business, would that make me a fraud!” WOW! When you ask, you will receive! Thank you!

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