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Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – How I Had a Baby & Doubled My Income

Okay, you do NOT need to have a baby to become a better CEO (that was a really interesting side effect) but you can put all of these into place no matter where you are in your business.

Now, I actually did a lot of preparation before I had my baby but you can never really tell how things are going to be until that baby is here.


So, the very first lesson that I learned was about delegating. A lot of people talk about delegating and I always nodded and smiled and said, “Yes, I know I need to delegate…” but it really wasn’t until I had a baby and I had such limited time that I realized that you could have really multiply your effort by delegating to other people who can do things better than you can.

And a big example from me was my newsletter. I was still doing my newsletter even though I didn’t need to and my assistant was ready to take it off my hands for ages. Then I had my baby and I was still doing my newsletter like a week after she was born, and my assistant had been saying to me for months, “Just give me the newsletter. It’s okay, just give me the newsletter.”

Finally, two weeks after Willow was born, I gave her my newsletter to do and it was ridiculous because she does it so much better than me. Also it meant that that newsletter went out at the same time every week, instead of when I was doing it whenever.

So delegating can really make you a better CEO, and it’s really good to start with those things that you don’t like or you’re not good at because someone else is going to do it faster than you. They are not going to bring their blocks into it because sometimes I would be writing my newsletter and thinking, “No one wants to hear from me.” “Oh, this video isn’t very good this week.” All that kind of crap but my assistant just does it she doesn’t think about that stuff and it goes out.

Of course, a big thing about my success as a business women as been consistency and when you delegate to someone else you really can insure that consistency much better.

Focus & Deadlines

willow2 The other lesson that I learned was about focus. Before I had the baby I had so much more time. I would spend a lot of time on Facebook and, I wouldn’t say that I am naturally a very organized person, I would be on Facebook all day long and it was really hard for me to focus on a particular task because I had so much time.

Sometimes you just need those shortened deadlines to be able to get stuff done.

So, mamas you know what I’m talking about, sometimes you only have just a very short window to get something done so you really have to focus. I found turning the internet off, turning other distractions off, and having that deadline because you worry about the baby waking up or the nannies about to finish so you type like the wind.

Even if you don’t have a baby you can create those deadlines for yourself. Maybe you turn off the internet completely so you do have that focus time, or you give yourself very short self-imposed deadlines but making public announcements on your social media that something is going to come out at a particular time and then that will force you to focus and get it done.

The other thing that’s helped me to do is to say no. Again, because I’ve got limited time and also because I can’t travel as much as I used to. Something has to really capture my imagination for me to say yes and it’s really good sometimes to have an excuse like a baby because you can say, “No, I can’t because of my baby.” So in that way you really have that luxury of saying no to a lot of things that you don’t want to do

If you don’t have a baby come up with your own boundaries of things that you say yes and no to. Even though you might not have an excuse like a baby, I give you that permission to be just as strict and say no to the things that you don’t want to do.

Batch Everything

willow1Another thing that I have learned is to organize and batch work.

Again that’s another one of those things that’s so obvious, people have been telling me for years to batch my work and I always said “Yes, yes, yes.” but NOW I realize the power of it.

For example, on a day like today where I am doing videos – I’ve got nice hair and some makeup on.

I am not going to waste good makeup and good hair so I am going to do as many videos as I can. Then I’ve taken that one step further and I’ve got a whole process for how these videos turn into blog posts, how they get transcribed, how they turn into my newsletter, and I’ve done a blog post about this too (you can find it right here).

So there are my tips. All of those things have added up to having the best year I’ve ever had in business. I doubled my business, I worked way way way less, I had several six figure launches and life and business were just so much easier.

So these are all lessons that you can learn whether you have a kid or not!

For me it was really truly stepping into a CEO role even though my house might be covered in toys and sometimes I have baby spew all over me, but I’ve never felt more like a CEO in my business, I felt like I’ve really taken on that leadership role and focused on the things that mattered and you can learn that no matter where you are in business.

So, mamas, what have you learned about being a CEO in business after having children?

And for my Lucky Bees that don’t have kids, what have you taken out of this video? What can you implement straight away to become a more efficient CEO in your business?

Have a lucky day!

Denise Duffield-Thomas | Lucky Bitch

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Lots of great tips and as a mother of 5, I found myself nodding all the way through. Thanks for sharing, Denise.

  2. I really looked up to you and other business mums to see how I could make it work, but I gave birth to a baby who only sleeps on me!

    After some experimenting, we found the ergo carrier our friend. So when I want to work, I carry him in the ergo for a walk so he falls asleep, then I can type away on the computer with that laser focus 🙂

  3. i hear ya Denise! I also have over doubled my revenue in the year I had my second baby! I have hired team members and outsourced a lot of stuff I used to do and am laser focused! Great blog!

  4. Just what I needed to hear Denise. Have just been thinking of when I want to have my second baby and having been tossing up whether it is good timing for my business.

  5. Well I planned as much as I could with baby #1. This was 5 yrs ago as she just had her 5th birthday! Since then, my business has grown SOO much, and I am expecting baby#2 in September!! I am working as I can making things up ahead of time, getting posts together and planned. I am not nearly done though! I have had a hard time delegating the responsibility to someone else though as I live in the country at least 1 hr from anyone I would trust with my work. I am figuring out how it is all going to work and using some of your tips on automation. I believe it will all work out as it should, somehow!

  6. Hi Denise,
    My kids are a little older but I learned that I needed to really look at my beliefs surronding being a mum. I grew up with a stay at home mum in the 70’s (a family could live well on one income). She was the head of the PTA, made lunch at home every day and drove me to school. I tried for a while but in the end , I over extended myself; after all I was just starting my practice! I realized that in the end I couldn’t do it all and that kids in the new millennium will just have a diffferent growing up experience; not better, not worst, just different and I’m just as good a mum as mine.

  7. Fabulous tips, Denise! I’m not a Mom and don’t plan on being one, but your tips are great for getting stuff done regardless. You and Willow look adorable <3

  8. How about that!?!? Your article made me check… (I know I ‘should’ be checking more often!) …I also doubled my profits this last fin year, with a newborn!!! And I’ve worked an average of 30mins a week! (Yup that’s not a typo) Just as I always wanted too.

    Hmmm shoulda had a baby sooner;-p. In all seriousness tho, I worked my butt off for years to set that up (and only JUST pulled all the finishing touches off in time b4 bub was born). I made a few key staff changes and things shifted gear – instantly!!! It pays to have an amazing team. Literally!! And as you said, actually delegating!! I’ve had my business pretty much running without me for a long time but I was still hanging onto certain bits, doing some things ‘the hard way’. For me the lesson was about allowing great support and letting go do things could improve.

    Thanks for the great article, as always. Love your stuff. Think I’ll go celebrate now:-))).

    Denise and Kathryn… Wish we were all in the same city and we could celebrate double, double baby together!

  9. Hi Denise! This is all great advice, but one question: how do you turn the internet off and keep it off? Just one click and it’s back! This is a huge time suck, and an almost automatic knee-jerk reaction for me when I get stuck on whatever I’m working on. Really frustrating habit. Any advice would be so appreciated!

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