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how to deal with information overloadLucky Bee Top Tips for Dealing with Information Overload

Let’s get into it.

1. Cut down on your subscriptions

Nobody needs that many newsletters. It’s stopping you from creating your own stuff.

Need to cut down in other areas as well? Here are some things to look at: 38 Things To Declutter From Your Life RIGHT NOW.

2. Curate what’s going into your brain.

Information overload can lead to a creativity drought.

Still not sold that clearing clutter is the way to go? Take a look over here: Can Clearing Clutter Really Change Your Life?

3. Don’t hate-read your competitors.

Not sure how to let go of tracking your competitors (or business nemesis)? Totally normal and I’ve got some tips for dealing with it right here.

4. Cull your social media presence.

Social media information overload can lead to comparisonitis.

I give you permission to unsubscribe.

I give you permission to curate.

I give you permission to unsubscribe from your business nemesis and your competitors.

I give you permission to be exclusive about who you’re friends with on social media.

You can choose, you can direct your experience and create some white space in your brain so you can create some amazing things for your community.

Want some help with your mindset?

I’ve got a free manifesting course that will help you take your goals from dream board into reality – without winning the lottery. It comes with a free cheat sheet to help you. Grab it here:

And guess what? Decluttering is a HUGE part of it.


Denise Duffield-Thomas | Lucky Bitch

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  1. I definitely need to unsubscribe! I was just thinking about how much time I waste simply deleting e-mails. I don’t even open them up! Just delete! Time to clean some house and get focused. I loved your metaphor of staying in your own lane, too. Very apt. Thanks!

  2. Hell yes!
    I dislike being added to groups tremendously. I immediately get out.
    I do a spurt on Unrollme every month. So refreshing.
    And I deleted almost 4000 ‘friends’ off my personal Facebook account late last year, and now sit at about 400… it is still way too much for me!

    Love that you’re putting this out there. xx

  3. Wow, just set working on one of my email accounts and I have 177 subscriptions! OMG. Definitely cutting down on those, didn’t realise I had so many.

  4. perfect Denise! Just needed to hear this today. Before I saw this I have literally spent an hour unsubscribing from email lists & still going. Thank you.

  5. This is just perfect! It’s a simple step to de-clutter an area in our life but totally worth it! Imagine those minutes wasted on deleting countless emails that we don’t even read. And I can’t agree even more that we are doing each other – us and those we are subscribed to, a favor.

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