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  1. I’m launching my course called Do-Gooder Content on 12/8. I’ve got the domain name and I’m spending all my free time until then getting it together. Thanks for this post Denise! I needed this.

  2. Great points, Denise! You are so right about the fear of getting started. So many people have that. I’m glad it’s something I’ve overcome. However… I was totally going to type up something for my biz, then I saw your name in my email and had to read this first <3

  3. Haha I love this video so much. I am meant to be working on my “From Fear To Love” workbook but I am sitting here reading emails and blogs instead.

    Facebook is my rabbit hole, I’ll jump on there to search for something in a group and the next minute I have 50 tabs open as well. 20 minutes later I’m shutting it all down and haven’t even done what I intended. SO need to use my self control app more frequently.

    Ok, public dec time…

    I WILL have my $9 (not even a price resistance procrastination!) workbook up for sale on my site Soulful Warrior by next Tuesday the 2nd December.

    Suppose I better take a selfie with it and get back to work!

  4. Great post!

    And well timed too, although that could just be my guilt talking. Just spent 3 hours watching Netflix when I’m supposed to be writing my first course, which WILL be online February 2, 2015. Time to look up the app that turns off the internet…

    Looking forward to your next video 🙂

  5. What a great idea Denise! Public accountability, my website will be launched December 4th 2014 (I have planned the day before my birthday!) 🙂

  6. Me and my wonderful business partner just launched a project we’ve been working on for something like half a year, offering sales pages with a full design and copy! Took es long enough, but having Black Friday as a deadline really helped – we actually got done a couple of days early!

    Now I’m working on getting my act together on my custom webdesign business. Just got off a coaching call and have a deadline set for updating my website portfolio and getting my custom service package in place by December 3rd, a lot closer than I’m actually comfortable with. So nervous, but determined to make it happen!

    It’s my time – I’m ready for the next step!

  7. Thanks I really needed to hear this today. I have been holding back on my book Stork Talk – delivering strategies for your ideal birth which is do to go to my editor right now. Loving your book Get Rich Lucky Bitch and started my money tracking sheets. Trusting the money I need will come. I have made my intention to publish this book way too public for me not to follow through. Thanks I love and appreciate all your encouragement. x

  8. Oh this is a really juicy one, Denise. Ok. I will have my 10 Day Pre-Christmas Decluttering Challenge up and ready to join by November 28th. I’ve been dithering and I need to just get it out there. Thanks for the kick in the rear.


  9. Arghhh I have been putting off finishing my latest workbook to help people DIY their diet, exercise and lifestyle. It’s turning into a much bigger project than I realised. It WILL be available BEFORE xmas eve 🙂

  10. I am going to email my list about Lead Clover, my list building and client attraction planning workshop today.

    You are always on the ball Denise. Thanks for keeping me honest.

  11. Hey Denise!

    Awesome video, as always. And very timely too… I’ve been procrastinating on getting the last audio recorded for my 5-part audio coaching program. I have all the content because this program is essentially the same the stuff I teach in my group coaching and one-on-one sessions. But I’m a very picky Virgo and I’m feeling a little stressed about finishing it because that means that I’ll have to put it out there even if it’s not perfect (or at least my idea of perfect!) So, having said that, I am putting it out there that my 5-part audio program will be ready to go on December 15th.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt!

  12. Awesome video, Denise! I’m working on a sales page for my birthday PWYC package on removing productivity blocks and am going to release it tomorrow morning!

    Love the make-up 😉

  13. I have been asked to submit a proposal to a new client (opportunity to make a ton of money) and haven’t done it yet. Why oh why?! So my deadline for a first draft is 11.30 this morning. Then this afternoon I need to complete a report of better email communication for a client. Due 5pm. Please let this work and let it make me get working!

  14. I did exactly that! I had been saying for weeks that I wanted to create and run a workshop before the end of the year. I had told my friends and cohorts and at the beginning of November when they were following up about the workshop, I decided to create the web banner and selected a random date at the end of November to do the workshop. Although I had no idea about the content and hadn’t even thought about the presentation yet, the fact that I had made the date public and put the word out, forced me to get my ass into gear and get it done!! I’m glad to report I had a very successful first workshop and am looking forward to running them regularly next year!!

  15. Amazing timing yet again Denise! These past couple of weeks I’ve been procrastinating so much on all my work, that I even googled ‘procrastination makes me feel depressed’ as a way of not making me feel so alone in this struggle!

    It really is a momentum thing, inertia is so hard to break, and the guilt makes it even harder. I also find my mood overall is greatly dependant on how productive I feel.

    What I’ve found has helped in the past (although I haven’t done it in the past couple of weeks….putting it off I guess 🙂 is Neil Fiore’s the NOW Habit. Like you mentioned above, scheduling in relaxation time, so you know you’re not missing out on that – as procrastination can be a way of rebelling against work, as in “I’ve got so much work to do I won’t be able to do anything fun for a year” so your brain naturally doesn’t really want to get it done…. That at least is very true for me, probably learnt that in school when mum was always berating me for ‘having fun’ instead of doing school work!

    Also – commit to ‘just starting for 15minutes’. That’s perhaps the biggest tip, don’t think you’ve got to finish this massive project by such and such time, just tell yourself “I choose to start for 15mins”. That will give you enough momentum usually to keep going.

    Also, you’ve got to ignore the brain a little bit.

    Those are the things that have worked for me, and I have to put them into practice now!

  16. After reading The Big Leap (and having a panic attack about not being in my zone of genius…) I’m adding trying some new elements to my biz.

    I’m offering awesome website reviews and a new package called Rent My Brain (for your biz). I’ve been having issues with the “buy now” button – but I will have the pages up and shared with people tomorrow 11/28!

    I also need to finish the sales page for my Rent My Brain (for your bod) program up by….December 15th! eeeep!

  17. Yes! Going on line to do some research and then…hey…there’s a new video from gorgeous Denise! Bam…I’m sucked in and watching….procrastinating? Nah…..listening to sound advice!
    I’m working on a new project – Its the first ghost cruise event in Australia! Talk about sticking it out there when its not done – from idea in my head to putting it out there with an info night….3 WEEKS!
    I am so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people and most of the details are already set.
    Sydney – Melbourne – Sydney with Melbourne Cup included and lots of ghosty/spooky stuff along the way.
    Its been amazing to see this ‘thought’ be created and come to life with so much positive love.
    Now I cannot go back on it – its OUT THERE.

  18. I’ve been feeling so nervous to do this because I know I’m a bad procrastinator but I have a lot of things opening up in Houston and I need to have my interview up, my bio cards, a freebie, and my price changes ready by the 15th of December. It’s happening and I need to get moving!
    Thank you for being the motivating voice in my head every day Denise.

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