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Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – How to Get Interviewed 200 Times a Year for Your Blog

how-to-get-interviewed-for-your-blogOkay, so as I said I get interviewed about 200 times per year. Trust me, this does not happen by accident. I don’t have people clamoring at my door asking to interview me.

I go out and make it happen.

Here is how I do it.

Know Your Topic

Step number one is to know very, very clearly what your topic is and have something to say.

Now, it’s pretty clear when I send out a pitch email that my expertise is money and I don’t deviate from that at all. Maybe I sometimes talk about marketing or women in business, but it’s a pretty narrow topic. If you kind of say to people you can talk on anything and everything, you’re just not seen as the expert.

Want help with your topic? Head right over here: Create Abundance – Know Your Job.

Tailor Your Talk

Step number two is to really tailor your talk specifically to the person that you’re pitching it, too.

So, I can talk about money and business. Very generic. Or, if it’s a podcast that is related to a particular industry or a niche, I can say I can do a talk on how money mindset affects:

And I make that very, very, very tailored.

So make a few bullet points on different things that you can talk about and make them very, very specific.

Create Stories

Now, step number three is to create some stories around your topic.

When I get interviewed, I know I can pull out – out of my butt – about 10 or 12 different stories that very clearly and succinctly illustrate some of my points. I don’t sit and write them down and look at them on the wall as I’m being interviewed and pick one out. But I’m pretty clear on what those stories are and I can whip them out at a moment’s notice.

Looking for an example? Take a peek: Why Do I Sabotage Myself? (And How I Almost Crashed My New Car).

So take those bullet points that you’ve already got and create a few stories around them. Just really short things, but something that can be entertaining. Maybe it can be funny or meaningful or emotional, and so that makes you a really good interviewee, and then other people will want to interview you as well.

So they’re the three things maybe around your topic that will help you get interviewed.

Now, let’s about how you can logistically get that many interviews in your calendar as well.

The Pitch Email

We write a very long pitch e-mail. In it we include an About Me section with my information, my bio – there’s a picture attached – there are my bullet points specific to that particular podcast or a blog that we’re pitching to. It also has maybe some little points about me, so it has something about my book and one of the success stories around my book – that at one stage it was above one of Richard Branson’s and Tim Ferris’s book on a list – that’s definitely something people want to know about.

I also have a little section about what other podcasts I’ve been interviewed on, and that definitely works because people want to interview others who are popular. So make sure you put that in as well.

I also have a section about My Business, so I put my social media stats, how many people I’ve got on my newsletter, and I mention that every time I get interviewed, I share it across my social media platforms and I put it on my site as well with a link back.

Now, that might sound really cool and really obvious, and it’s quite a long e-mail by this stage.

But here’s something that I do that I think makes all the difference:

I put links directly to my calendar.

So if that person likes me and wants to interview me for their show or their blog or their podcast, they can click a button, see my calendar and my availability straight away, and they can just have it all in there without having to go back and forward my assistant and, “Oh, can we get her bio? Can we get some talking points? What time is she available?” and then trying to work out all the time zones.

The tool that I use for that is TimeTrade, which is an online calendar that syncs with your Gmail calendar. I think it syncs with Outlook as well. But it’s a really handy tool so people can just book in straight away.

Now, if they want to respond and say, “Here’s my availability…” no problem. We can do that, but I find that 80% of people just straight away book in. And guess what? They’ve already got my bio. They’ve already got a picture of me. They’ve already got some talking points. So it cuts down on the workload so much.

Here’s another tip, a very last Bonus Tip.

I actually get my assistant now to send out those pitch e-mails.

Now the reason why is because I kind of sometimes get a bit triggered, I sometimes feel a bit shy when I’m sending those out and think, “Oh, that podcast would never like me. Oh, they’re too big!” Whereas my assistant just says, “They’ll love Denise! They’ll love that!” so she just sends them out without being triggered by it at all.

So if you can outsource it, even better. But you can do steps one, two, and three all by yourself. No problem. Really, the key is to be consistent with it. Don’t just send out one e-mail and expect that you’ll get fifty million or two hundred a year interviews.

It really is just part of your marketing calendar and if you do that on a daily basis, soon enough you’ll be having more interviews than you can handle. And trust me it’s a really fun way to grow your list and to spread your message around the world.

I hope that was useful and I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Do you have any other tips about being interviewed?

Let’s spread this information around Lucky Bee community because we all want to have more fun in our business and we want to make more money as well. And make a bigger difference on the planet.

So, I’m Denise from, and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

Denise Duffield-Thomas | Lucky Bitch

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  1. Best advice yet thank you Denise ( and that’s saying something as I really love your weekly blogs ! ) thanks babe

    Oh and i did not KNOW that the official term was “Bra Tax” . That will be going on my official invoices for out of house appearances for sure 😉

  2. Awesome tips, Denise! Doing interviews has been an important part of the growth of my business, and not just for the reasons you’ve shared. Being put on the spot and having to answer questions about my field and specialty (meaningful work) has forced me to articulate points of view that were previously unformed in my mind. It’s been a great way for me to discover new blog posts ideas, book topics, speaking topics, etc.

  3. Fantastic video, Denise! I will definitely start pitching to podcast folks. Feeling a little fear come up around doing this, but planning to feel the fear and do it anyway! Thanks for all your fantastic info always. 🙂

  4. Awesome fucking tips Denise! Visibility is the key to online success, I preach it everyday! Being interviewed is one of the best ways to get that visibility. I love the link to timetrade in the pitch email! That makes life so much easier. I did about 12 interviews this years, I’m sure that will triple with your advice! Thank you!!!

  5. I have a crazy tip! I love the idea of having your assistant send pitch emails. I don’t have an assistant right now, but I have a fake assistant who does the hard stuff for me.

    So, whenever I have to do something scary, I just channel the energy of someone who would be really good at it, I use my fake assistant’s email address, and I do it myself! It totally takes away the fear. It’s weird, but it works!

  6. Great info as always, Denise! Just wondering if your assistant sends it “as you,” or does she introduce herself first and say she’s representing you (ie, the email talks about you in 3rd person)?

  7. Thanks so much for this, Denise! I’m wondering whether your assistant sends the email as if she were you, or whether she introduces herself first as your representative before talking about how great you are (that is, the email refers to you in 3rd person)?

  8. I love your tips and feel really inspired to try this, but…where should I look cause find these opportunities? Locally? Radio stations? Other blogs of a similar subject matter? Thanks in advance for the great ideas!

  9. Earlier this year I was asked to be interviewed on a podcast and I was all “But then I’d have to deal with what I sound like”. Le sigh. Lamest block ever! 🙂
    I thought I had to wait until after my rebrand to do it, and I thought so many other stupid excuses. Then I stopped thinking about it. Then in that blissful time of ignoring something, I realised how dumb my excuses are and now I’m going to do it. I just need to find a time that works!

  10. Oh! I love this. I never would have thought about doing this. I need an assistant to send these emails for me, I’m a bit freaked out thinking about sending them. Maybe I’ll just get the hubs to do it for me. I love this though, super genius and I’m going to implement this summer!

  11. Thanks Denise, great advice and its good to see the background saying you pitch yourself. I’m currently pitching myself for an award to get a higher platform to speak from and it feels so weird, but as mentioned previously, it makes you articulate well. I have also taken your other advice and I’m in the middle of writing a book to be self-published. I am heading into the ‘but what if I do all this work and no-one buys it’ phase. The writing seems to be the easy and fun part, the mountain of marketing needs to be climbed :(.

  12. Love, love, love all of this advice.
    I also caught your periscope this morning on the topic. I found that highly valuable.
    One thing I’ve found helpful is to open the pitch email with a strong line about how what I’m saying “pitching” will benefit the interviewer and their audience.
    Great tips, thank you so much Denise!! xo Sarah

  13. Awesome advice Denise, as usual! You come up with some of the most fantastic ideas that can be adapted to anyone. I love that you’re an introvert who’s built all of this (I’m one too!)

  14. Great ideas Denise, thank you so much!
    I’m still holding back on interviews with the excuse that I don’t have “everything” in my business figured out yet. But then, thinking about it, that day will probably never come, so I might as well use your tips and just get started 😉

  15. Wow! Great tips! Question: I think I get cold feet because I’m not as established as someone like you, for example, who has a list of accomplishments to send in the email. Does the same tips apply if you’re JUST getting into your business?

    • Absolutely! Write a list of things that you know how to do that you could teach – like getting your first client. You could also practice with people who are just starting their podcasts or interview series too so you both get practice. xx

  16. I keep finding myself back reading this one. I currently speak in-person but speaking online is definitely an avenue that I’d like to open up. I’m worried that I’ll freeze up or won’t know the answer to something. I think that’s what’s been holding me back but as long as I stay true to myself and my message, nothing can go wrong. I inspire, support and challenge millenials to create their ideal lifestyle so they can become unbusy without guilt. So if you’d like to interview me, please email me at – I’m open to any opportunities, thanks!

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