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Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – How to Get Your Partner on Board with Your Money Goals


Your money goals are your responsibility.

Okay, the first thing to say is that your money goals are your responsibility. Don’t let your partner be your excuse. I’ve heard women sometimes say, “Oh, my husband doesn’t like this.” Or “My husband doesn’t believe in getting help around the house so I can’t work on my business.” Or “My partner doesn’t think that I should earn very much money.” Or “My partner thinks that rich people are greedy.”

Well, you know what, girlfriend?

Your income is your responsibility alone.

So, that being said, with that bit of a Denise smack down, let’s talk about some practical ways about getting him on board with your money goals.

Paint a Picture

Now, really importantly, is to paint a picture of your life together. And really create this vision for your first-class life.

Now, if you’ve read my book before, you know that “first-class life” just means your version of a first-class life, not anyone else’s. If you constantly speak that into being, if you constantly talk about that, then you’ll be much more on board with your business and money goals.

So, let me give you an example, maybe before you go to bed, you have a conversation, just say:

Whatever it is for you, constantly paint that picture of what your life is going to be like.

Now, I had been doing that years ago when Mark and I were not even close to being as abundant as we are now. We lived in a crappy flat, we had crappy clothes, we just didn’t have that extra money to do the things that we wanted to do, but we would constantly talk about it and we started to speak it into reality.

Even if your partner is not very good at that, it’s your responsibility to spark that off. And, you never know, your enthusiasm might rub off on them.

Talk Honestly About Money Blocks

Now, the next thing to do is to talk honestly about Money Blocks and to start that conversation together so you start to have a common language. That means that you can pull each other up if you’re starting to sabotage or you’re doing things in your life or business that are going against your money values.

Now, let me give you an example about this. Maybe you’ve read my book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! where I talk about some of the sabotages and some of the blocks that we have around money. It could be that you do some of the exercises together. Ask your partner what their early memories are around money. Or what their parents thought about money. Or about some of the blocks and fears that they personally have around money.

Want more on money blocks and business? You can find the top 3 Ways Your Money Blocks Are Killing Your Business right here.

Now I find that for women a lot of that stuff’s right on the surface. We can totally talk about that fairly easily. For some men, that can be quite buried deep down, so it’s wise just digging a little bit in a very light-hearted way, you know, like, “Oh, what would some of your fears be around money?”

Share honestly and openly about some of yours and be vulnerable about it.

Call Each Other Out on Money Sabotages

The next thing that you can do is, because you’ve got that common language, to call each other out on some of your money sabotages. I remember very many years ago, I didn’t have enough money to buy good clothes, and I remember walking along shopping with Mark and I was just looking at this window and just going, “Oh, how cool is that?” and he put his hands over my eyes and he dragged me away and he said, “Don’t even look. We can’t afford it.”

That used to make me kind of angry, but I didn’t have the language to talk to him about it.

So finally I said, “Babe, I think this is a money block. Like when you say stuff like that, it really triggers some of my fears around money and I feel like I’m never going to have enough and I don’t deserve it. I’d really like you to stop doing that because I want to look and I want to start increasing my abundance consciousness and I want to be able to afford nice clothes like that one day, and maybe looking is the first step.”

So, because we could have that common language and because I could call him out on some of those money blocks without making him wrong, it really just gave us a beautiful money relationship where we could talk honestly and openly about money.

And, again, we started co-creating that vision together.

So, I would love for you to start putting these things into practice. And remember your money stuff is your money stuff. Don’t take on theirs as well. Don’t let your partner be your excuse for you creating an amazingly abundant first-class life.

It is your responsibility to build that for yourself and they can come along on the ride with you, but please don’t let them be your excuse.

So, do you have other tips? Have you got an amazing relationship with your partner around money and you’ve got something to say that will really help the Lucky B community?

Make sure you press it in the comments below.

And if you need tips, make sure you come over to this blog post and read some of the comments and get some of those tips for yourself as well because the Lucky Bee community is all here to help you create way more fun in your business and create more money as well.

I’m Denise at and you have yourself a lucky, abundant day!

Denise Duffield-Thomas | Lucky Bitch

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  1. I like the aspect of taking 100% responsibility and owning your stuff. Then, you operate from a position of personal power and it frees up room for more choice.

    I do like your writing style and passion, Denise. You are also interesting to listen to on Youtube.

  2. That is a great post! I had to paint the picture the first time I shared my goals – he just hadn’t thought about that before. I still use this method when getting people (anybody, really) on board with my idas – and it works (almost) always 🙂

  3. Denise, you’re the first woman I know of who changed her surname together WITH the husband! SO AWESOME xx
    That’s what me and my man are planning too, so good to know there are other people out there.

    After hearing you talk in London in February, I got so inspired that soon after in one of the conversations with my partner I straight out told him: look, I WILL be making millions, there is no “maybe”, no doubt, no hesitation. So just stop worrying already and get on board goddamit.
    And he did.


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