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  1. Love this! What I love about EFT is that the points on the body are points we will naturally touch in our daily lives anyway. So I can tap on my chin for example and it just looks like I’m trying to figure something out (the “hmm….” gesture) or another fave is on the side of the eye. You totally don’t look creepy when you tap on those points individually. (top of the head is another issue:)

    Also, I mentally tap if I need to! Just *imagining* myself tapping has almost the same effect that *actual* tapping has! There are lots of studies with athletes (throwing free throws and what not…) that prove the visualization of the practice works nearly as well as the practice itself.

    One other tapping tip is to tap on the karate chop point continuously for 20 seconds. That actually helps “re-set” us when we’re feeling off.

    Awesome video! Thank you, Denise!

  2. It’s just dawned on me that people who are nervous often tap themselves on the collar bone. They don’t go all the way across but touching in that area seems to comfort them. That’s something much easier for me to do in public than patting my back or my head! 😉

  3. Yay! As an EFT practitioner, I love that you have made this video Denise… In my book “Everyday Happiness” I call tapping in public the Harry Potter way, because you can do it invisibly! you can tap on your fingers or side of your hand under the desk, you can tap or the sternum while adjusting a collar or necklace… You can rub the inside of your wrist if you are sitting right opposite someone… and for all of these, of course, you say the words in your head.

    Tapping even works if you imagine tapping on the points! There are SO many ways of tapping… that’s one of its beauties – its flexibility. So, like Denise, make it part of your daily life… yay!

  4. Yeah – pure practicality!

    I had to do a presentation that I was really scared about, so I just headed to the loos, and tapped in there. I much prefer the idea of gently tapping my hand though so it doesn’t look like I’ve got some sort of loo issues!

    thank you

  5. This is really helpful- I love tapping and I use it a lot but it’s to the point where my husband now (jokingly) just tells people I have “terettes.” to explain my weird tapping. finding a more discreet way to tap in public is probably a god idea 🙂

  6. Hi Denise
    I’m so grateful to you for introducing me to tapping – I have a lot going on right now, some uncertainty which is causing me anxiety and tapping is the best way I’ve found to calm myself down. Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Denise!

    I have been doing all of the exercises out of your book for about 3 weeks.

    I am kinda freaking out though because all of a sudden many new (large) bills and lost opportunities are coming up.

    I am super worried about the shit storm I have invited into my life. I know you mentioned that ‘funky’ things may occur when we start these exercises
    How do I turn this around?

    Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Denise! I’m newer to you and haven’t read your books yet but have consumed many of your videos and blog posts. I LOVE that you use EFT! I use it with my pregnant clients and to help mothers heal after a difficult birth experience.

    I use EFT in public in a few different ways. There are points on your fingers that corespond to all the points on your body and you can very discretely rub or tap on those. I’ve also imagined tapping on the body points while saying the words in my head and that works really well too! Or like you’ve said I pick one spot that’s easy to tap on and doesn’t bring too much attention to myself.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Periscope again soon!

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