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Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – What Investments You Must Make In Your Business EVEN Before You Hire Staff

Let’s talk about three things you really must invest in and you can straight away.

1. Have the right tools.

Okay, so the very first thing that you must invest in are tools to do your job easily. Now I remember when I first started it just felt like everything was hard in business, I started out as a life coach and I just wasn’t investing in some of those tiny little tools that would make my life easier let me give you an example.

When I was coaching clients I was coaching all around the world, and we would have three or four emails back and forth about how to schedule our call. Time zones are not my friend and it’s really difficult to calculate stuff like that on the fly. So I had to invest in an online calendar and I use TimeTrade. I am not an affiliate or anything like that but it cost me like a 100 bucks a year and suddenly that saved me real time and stress every single week in scheduling.

Now this probably something in your life in business that is really pissing you off or stressing you out right now, and probably a very inexpensive tool could sort that out for you.

So those are very much the first investment you should make, because that’s time you can’t get back and that’s stress and back and forth or whatever it is that’s pissing you off right now, there is a tool out there that can fix it I promise.

2. Mastermind or mentoring.

The second thing that you really should invest in for your business before even staffing is investing in some sort of mastermind or mentoring. Now this is the key because it’s okay at the beginning of your business to do everything yourself, its totally okay, but if you’re not surrounded by people who are really lifting you up and inspiring you to create more in your business then you are going to move at a snail’s pace because your business can only grow to what you can see around you and what you can believe is possible for your own life in business.

So this could be you join a mastermind, you hire a mentor, a coach, a business coach, a business mentor, or you join something like my Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp which has thousands of women around the world all working on their money mindset.

Now this is crucial at every stage of your business but particularly if you want to grow fast and particularly if you have hit a plateau and you want to go to the next level, you always have to make sure you’re in an appropriate groups, your being coached or mentored by appropriate people who really know and see you for what your potential is but can really give you the practical advice to go to that next level or help and provide you with that inspiration for you to believe it’s possible for yourself, now that’s really the key and that can be something that your lacking right now.

Want to hear about my masterminds and how to find your own? I’ve shared all of the details right here: How to Find Your Mastermind Posse .

3. Your skill set.

The third thing that I really think that you should invest in now, again it’s kind of a generic thing, but it’s about what skill set do you need to build this year. Sometimes we invest in things in our business out of FOMO (fear of missing out) or because everyone else is or because we kind of just get suckered in by a good sales page or a good sales technique.

Now the way to do this is that I write down some very specific skills that I need to learn each year. It could be that you need to learn how to do discovery sessions, or to make a good speech ,or to sell from the stage, or to make blog content effectively. It could be something very very specific that you have identified that you need to learn and then you find the course or the mentor to invest in who will give you that specific skill.

When you prepare ahead of time it means that you won’t be suckered in by the latest kind of mastermind that everyone is joining or the latest course that everyone is joining because you will be able to practice discernment and you will be able to make that investment knowing that you will be able to get that back because you’re going to learn a particular thing that you have identified as a gap in your business.

Knowing your job within your business is the fastest way to create abundance. Want more on this? I’ve got ya covered right here: The Fastest Way to Create Abundance in Your Business .

So there they are, my three things that I think you should invest in before you even hire out or outsource or get an assistant or get anyone else to help you in your business because I pretty much have a six figure business without hiring anybody and it totally is possible.

I’m not saying you should do it because you can grow your business if you delegate earlier rather than later, but I think if you do have a limited budget to invest in your business those three things are things that will help you make more money, help you get more clients, and also make your life a lot less stressful and way more fun which is totally why we are all here.

So I would love to hear from you:

Do you disagree with my list? Are there other things that you’ve invested in that have been a fantastic investment for your business?

Make sure you comment below and come over to because there are a lot more tips and tricks and tools on how you can really grow your business and make a lot more money and have a lot more fun.

I am Denise Duffield-Thomas from and you have yourself a lucky day.

Denise Duffield-Thomas | Lucky Bitch

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  1. Investing in your business is like magic, especially when you do monthly plans and such. It’s like the Universe says “she’s serious about her biz, let’s make it happen”. Somehow, even when you don’t know how, the money is there to make that payment every month! I love the ideas you share. All of them are extremely important to invest in! I love my tools, they make business so easy sometime, that and my assistant (she is one of the best investment EVER)!!!

  2. Wow I really enjoyed this! And it is so true! We got to invest in these things.. It’s really the main things I have prioritized and it’s made a huge difference in my business and life

  3. I absolutely love your suggestions Denise!
    Investing = Aligned Action to me 🙂
    It reflects an energetic level of commitment.

    I would add that investing in self-care & in YourSelf as a biz owner is priceless…
    Personally, the more I invest in MySelf, the more I notice a positive flow in my energy levels, as well as in the number of clients contacting me or hiring me, etc. It is amazing!

    To Investments, Passions & Love!

  4. Great post thank you Denise. I love timetrade too and agree with all your suggestions. I’d add that having my virtual assistant was the single most valuable investment I made in my first year. She worked on my ezine, created some cool opt-in pages and helped design my freebie ebook covers and landing pages so that I could build my list. She also quoted per job so I could easily predict how much I needed to spend each week. Total godsend for a non techie person who was wasting time on tech! Hope this saves someone some frustration as it did for me.

  5. Agree with all points, especially #3.

    It’s so easy to spend money on courses and packages, and not use the knowledge, or find that you don’t truly resonate with it. Discernment about who you buy from and what you buy will help you develop your business in alignment with your true self, rather than doing a bit of everything that will just slow you down 🙂

  6. I agree with the right tools and learning/masterminding. But you shouldn’t use programs and learning as a way to stunt action… which is where discernment and strategic planning comes in, of course.

    I also think you should invest from the very beginning in professional help in the areas of finance, accounting/bookkeeping, business planning, legal planning/advice and insurance. I can tell you from seeing it hundreds of times: it is easy to lose, virtually instantly, a six figure business by making a tax or legal mistake, no matter how innocent or surprising those mistakes may be.

  7. Love this. I have been planning out when to hire my first VA but also wanting to invest in some further training so this was so good to hear . I love design so for me investing in some good photos and branding early on help me get professional and serious early on – now its easy to get super hung up on branding and website design but have a good basic is worth the investment for sure. Thanks Denise!

  8. So much truth in this Denise! I didn’t see my business really take off until I started investing in two of these areas. I’m pretty good at keeping my skills up to date (I love UDEMY for example), but only when I started systemising scheduling (ugh, that was a pain point for me too, I now use ScheduleOnce) and online contracts, (I use did I really start seeing a difference. Before I’d ask clients to print the contract, sign it, scan it back, in and mail it back. Ridiculous. And unneccessary.

    Scheduling and contracts were totally stressing me out and I’d often put things off, thus putting myself out of potential jobs because I was too slow to respond.

    I learnt a lot about getting a good system in place for eliminating time wasters from the online course Stress Less & Impress. After only a couple of weeks of implementing the material I felt so much happier and more professional about communicating with and scheduling my clients and getting contracts sorted, it was such a relief.
    (This is the course I did, this is an affiliate link, but I wholeheartedly recommend if you’re dicking around wasting lots of time communicating with clients:

    Further big game changers for me have been the Uncage Your Business Coaching (with Rebecca Tracey to gain clarity on where I even wanted to be going, before I was very fuzzy on my business model, plus it put me in touch with an amazing peer group and future business partners that really made me feel more was possible and gave me much needed support through difficult times. Recently I invested in Ease and Profits 1:1 coaching (Anna Long which has caused another huge spurt and I’m seeing so many results that I’m going in for a second 6-month round, this time focused on really getting my business out there after setting solid foundations in round one. I’m not affiliated with those two, just really really love their programs.

    Every time I’ve made a serious investment in my business I’ve felt better and seen growth happen. It’s SO worth it!

  9. Having an online scheduler probably saved my sanity – calculating time zones is something I’m not good in at all. Being in a community of like-minded fellow entrepreneurs has truly had a positive effect on my business.

  10. Great points. Having an accountant from day 1 has saved me so much money as well as having a cleaner. That frees up time for you to make more money and to have time for yourself which is so nourishing for the soul. It’s not a lot of money to have some help but the value is immense – especially if you’re not big on cleaning! All these things have really boosted my lifestyle and enabled me to grow a profitable business with a very lean team and tech. And that’s where the fun is as you say Denise. 🙂

  11. I love this post Denise! Really great points that I think a lot of us starting out need! For me, and this comes under “Have the right tools” a really important thing for me to have is tools to help me manage and organise the content/social media aspects of the businesses. The tools that have been an absolute lifesaver for me are Buffer and Co-schedule, they have saved me so much time and stress!

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