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Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – How Perfectionism is Costing You Money In Your Business Right Now

Overcome Perfectionism in BusinessSo, I totally understand perfectionism. I am a Virgo. I would love for things in the world to be perfect and sadly they never are, but it doesn’t help when you’re trying to strive for perfection all of the time, and really procrastinating things in your business. But you need to find a way to overcome perfectionism in business because if you don’t, it can cripple you (and your biz).

So, here are three reasons why perfectionism is really costing you money right now.

People need your message now.

The first reason is that people are waiting for your message right now. They are waiting for that book that you want to write. They are waiting for that next blog post.

They really don’t care if it’s perfect because they need to hear that message right now.

People want to hear from you.

My second point is that people, more than ever, really want to hear from real role models. We live in a reality TV culture. We live in a world where things are very much constructed and a lot of the stuff we see on TV that is reality is completely fake and it is really starting to be kind of perfect or a particular way and I think a lot of entrepreneurs now are crying out to hear from real role models, exactly the way you are right now.

Now I used to think that I could only be rich in business if I was tall or thinner or better groomed or I had perfect makeup or whatever, but I know that you totally watch and you’re totally fine with me being flawed, and being real and posting selfies without makeup and all of that kind of stuff because you want to see somebody whose real.

It doesn’t matter what you think you’ve got going on your life that you’re not perfect in, there will be so many people out there who will so appreciate you being real and honest and flawed and exactly how you are right now, and that is costing you money for not putting those things out there thinking that you have to be something else.

Perfection is impossible.

The other last point the third point is perfectionism and being perfect is impossible. It’s the impossible goal, it’s the impossible dream and really perfectionism shouldn’t be the goal because it’s impossible.

Let me give you an example of something in my life… When I wrote my first book, Lucky Bitch, and then I wrote my second book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!, the first covers I knew that they weren’t amazing. I knew that they were kind of a bit crap. Then even the second cover, this is my cover of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!, it’s not perfect to me. There are definitely some things I want to change on it, and it’s the second version, but imagine if I just didn’t put that book out at all.

I know that tens of thousands of people have read that book and they tell me that it changed their life. Imagine if I had waited until I had the perfect cover, it might still not be out. I had a funny experience recently when I was doing a live event and I was signing books and someone brought one of my very first book covers to sign and I was just like, “Ugghh…” thinking, “Where did you get this from?”

I said God that looks so bad but she loved it and she said she had highlighted it and made notes and it was really a well-loved copy. I just felt so grateful that I could overcome that feeling and that need in me to be perfect all the time and to actually make that book happen because I know it has impacted a lot of people.

So what are you putting off in your business right now because you feel like you need to be perfect?

What ah-ha’s have you gotten from this video?

What action are you committed to taking even if it is imperfect?

Tell me below in the comments, and for everyone else come over to because I have got a lot of imperfect stuff over there including some very imperfect videos, some with terrible hair, some with bad sound but its okay I am happy to be the role model for you in living a very flawed but still very cruel abundant life.

So come over to for all that kinds of stuff and have yourself and imperfectly perfect lucky abundant day.

Denise Duffield-Thomas | Lucky Bitch

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  1. I loved this video, Denise! Exactly what I’ve needed to hear to push me a little further and just make things happen instead of waiting on something to fall into my image of what’s supposed to happen first. Thank you!!!!

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